Meg MacKay is probably a witch

Releasing a comedy record during a pandemic “feels weird” according to comic Meg MacKay, but says she’s still grateful for the opportunity.

Releasing a comedy record during a pandemic "feels weird" according to comic Meg MacKay, but says she's still grateful for the opportunity.

"It seems like an archive of how life was in the before times," says MacKay. 

"Normally an album release would come with a launch party, and I'd be able to take it on the road with me. But now hopefully people will get a smile or two, and get to pass the time in a fun way for a hot minute."

MacKay, who hails from Prince Edward Island, is a seasoned standup comedy performer, with appearances at JFL42, OFF-JFL, Toronto Sketchfest and Halifax Pop Explosion.

Probably a Witch is the latest release from female-centric comedy record label Howl & Roar, which is based in Toronto with a mission to add diversity to the comedy album industry. The album art was created by Isabel Zaw-Tun.

As for how she's dealing with social isolation, MacKay admits she's doing "Medium." 

"I live alone in a bachelor apartment in Toronto, so I've been treating it like I live in a spaceship orbiting my old life. I'm also fortunate enough to still have work to do, and for that, I am extremely grateful."

Looking back at her experience of recording the album, MacKay says "It was honestly one of the best nights of my entire life." 

"I feel like a ding dong weirdo most of the time, so I felt really embraced by the comedy community and like all of the work I'd been putting into my standup career wasn't all for naught."

However, that happiness is bittersweet for MacKay, who says that as she listens back to the record in these times, she can "hear the specific laughs of friends in the audience that I can't see at the moment."

"It also makes me sad that I can't be out there performing. But I feel so, so, so grateful to Allison Dore and Howl & Roar records to allow me to have recorded something right before standup entered this indefinite hiatus."

Probably a Witch is available now on all platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, or direct from the Howl & Roar website.

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