Kim's Convenience recap: Tennis Anyone?

Spoiler warning: If you haven't watched the new episode yet, you can check it out on CBC Gem. If you are outside of Canada, please wait to read this until the episode is available in your country!

Spoiler warning: If you haven't seen this week's episode yet, you can check it out on CBC Gem.

Umma goes full-swing into her tennis hobby. (CBC)

Reality itself was in question this week on Kim's Convenience, with several characters getting a little too comfortable pretending to be something they're not. Whether it was Umma and Appa pretending to be rich, Shannon and Omar pretending to be in a relationship, or some high school students pretending to be "totally" the legal drinking age.

If you haven't watched the new episode yet, you can stream "Tennis Anyone?" for free now on CBC Gem.

Fancy tennis court for a fancy player

Since Umma's diagnosis with Multiple sclerosis (MS), we've seen Janet and Umma bond, and now it's Appa's turn to take her on an adventure. Unfortunately, the adventure ends up being more stressful than expected.

Umma convinces Appa to be her tennis partner, saying "I want to play while I'm still strong enough to play." 

Appa takes her to an upscale neighbourhood to play tennis, where he says they just need to pretend to be rich. 

Little did they know this would get them caught in a web of lies (or net, as it were) when they instantly hit it off with a wealthy couple between sets. John, a foot doctor, and his wife Eleanor talk about business, golf and European vacations, forcing Appa and Umma to take on a new high-class persona in order to fit in with the couple and the swanky neighbourhood.

"Yobo, we don't have to break in. It's a public tennis court." - Appa takes Umma to a tennis court in an upscale neighbourhood. (CBC)

When the new friends insist on walking the Kims to their home, Appa and Umma claim one of the most extravagant houses on the block as their own, complete with red brickwork exterior and stone lions at the entrance.

Appa is also benefiting from this newfound friendship when he accepts a free set of golf clubs from them. When Eleanor calls to tell them she's on her way to drop them off at their home, Appa forgets that "their home" is not their home.

"We're very private people," says Appa, explaining why their new friend can't use the bathroom at their home. (CBC)

To keep up appearances, they rush over to their fake house in their Sunday best, just in time for Eleanor to show up with the golf clubs. When they refuse to let her go inside to use the bathroom, she starts to suspect that they think she's beneath them and their fancy house, stone lion statues, and multiple bathroom renovations.

Oh, the irony.

Shannon unwillingly gets a new boyfriend

When Shannon's coworker Omar talks about family pressure to be in a relationship, Shannon is sympathetic, as she tells him her family is always reminding her about her "fertility clock" timing out. So, she advises him to lie to his visiting relatives about his relationship status. 

But she's not thrilled with becoming his choice for a fake sweetheart when Omar's family visits Handy and are led to believe that Shannon is his paramour. Omar asks Shannon to go along with the ruse because he told his family they've been seeing each other for three months and had their first date at Bass Pro Shops, the fishing and camping supplies store.

"Auntie Shannon" is stuck as her fake relationship with her co-worker goes too far. (CBC)

Omar's father and sister are enamoured by Shannon, showering her with some interesting compliments like "Your teeth are like sun spots..." and "Your fingers are like pencils, beautiful pencils." 

Shannon goes along with it by holding Omar's sister's "80-pound baby" through gritted teeth and joining the family for dinner. After meeting Omar's feisty grandmother, Shannon decides to put a stop to the charade. In response, the grandmother curses Shannon for life.

Janet spends time with a coworker who isn't what she seems 

Meanwhile, Janet is at her volunteer job when she makes a mistake and leaves the projector out after a presentation and it goes missing. However, it was actually another volunteer named Maya who put it away, and takes responsibility for Janet's mistake. Afterwards, (maybe too quickly afterwards), Maya makes plans to come over to Janet's to see pictures of Tanzania. 

Janet has Maya over, and offers some wine out of courtesy. After taking Janet up on the offer of the wine, Maya decides to invite another friend to join them at Janet's house. Janet's two new "friends" drink several glasses of "Peanut Greegio" (Maya's pronunciation of Pinot Grigio) while talking about a crush who goes to their school.

Janet feels silly for mistaking opportunistic high-school girls as friends. (CBC)

Janet soon realizes they are both high-school students, and under the legal drinking age, right before Maya pukes in Janet's closet. 

Janet takes responsibility when Maya is late to work the next day, and all seems settled in the end as Janet learns to keep her young coworkers at a distance.

Funny moments:

A new Shannon-ism fails: "Hey there, OMars-bar. You know what, I shouldn't call you that. You're too sweet already, as well as nut-free." Omar says "Thankfully, that's not true. My uncle wasn't so lucky, he had both of his removed."

We'll be recapping each episode weekly, so stay tuned. 

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