Kim's Convenience recap: Say a little prayer for me

You can watch “Hugs & Prayers” on CBC Gem. If you are outside of Canada, please wait to read this until the episode is available in your country!

Spoiler warning: If you haven't watched the new episode yet, you can check it out on CBC Gem.

You can watch "Hugs & Prayers" on CBC Gem. If you are outside of Canada, please wait to read this until the episode is available in your country!

BRB, sobbing! (CBC)

It's the penultimate episode of Kim's Convenience and after five seasons, we're getting some quality time with Enrique, with a bigger role in an episode than ever before.

Also Umma/Jean Yoon made my face explode with tears this week, while Jung and Shannon… oh, Jung and Shannon...

But first, a poll! And no, this isn't random. Pastor Nina and Appa get into a discussion about love languages.

The chest compression of love

Of all the customers who have come in and out of the store, very few have had more of a story arc of their own than Enrique. He first appeared in the very first episode "Gay Discount," butting heads with Appa over whether or not he qualified for the gay discount (he did, but Appa seemed to deny Enrique's identity). 

And so began the classic will they/won't they [hug] trope that would last for years.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

Janet and Appa are required to take a first aid course for the store, which is prompted by Gerald getting injured and Appa's hastily put-together dressing. Janet also later points out that they need to be ready in case Umma falls and hurts herself, which makes Appa more agreeable to taking the class.

And oh my gee, guess who's teaching it?!

Janet "Sneak Attack" Kim knew all along and Appa is not amused.

"These people are like family," Enrique explains to the rest of the class.

"And he's like the weird uncle at the Christmas party who tries to kiss everybody," Appa retorts, getting some laughter from the group.

Enrique is visibly uncomfortable and tries to move on with the lesson, but Appa keeps on kicking the "weird uncle" joke into the ground. Sure, he gets a few laughs but eventually it gets old.

Lesson for the yutes: Don't encourage the bully. Also, don't be a dick.

Though Janet and Enrique do deliver a nice one-two punch to Appa, which wounds his pride a bit.

Janet: "I think everyone's had enough. #BadDadJokes."
Enrique: "Don't worry Mr. Kim, we'll soon get to serious burns… like that one."

Appa apparently left the class soon after in a huff, leaving Janet there alone. She comes back to the store with her first aid certificate and a proper scolding for Appa on bullying.

Girl is just calling it as she sees it.

But Appa is being too stubborn to see how his behaviour was harmful and storms off (again).

Later on in the store, Appa, Frank, and Mr. Chin are all having a "Kids today, amirite?" rant with each other, complaining about how everyone is too sensitive and politically correct. They're totally on Appa's side until he tells him that Janet called him a bully.

And a hush falls over the store.

The two men are on eggshells until Frank finally says it: "You're a bully! No question!"

After some contemplation, Appa is starting to see the error of his ways. When Enrique stops by the store to drop off Janet's complimentary first aid kit, Appa tries to apologize, failing a bit at first until he starts using "I" statements to explain his actions.

As Janet tries to guide Appa a bit using her Desmond Community youth guidance training, Enrique just suggests they hug it out.

Well, his exact words were: "The chest compression of love. The hug."

There is sadly one more episode left but I'm happy to say this arc for Enrique is complete.

Astounding trek to the altar?

This episode is a callback to the season three episode "Appanticitis" when Jung and Kimchee (and then later Jung and Shannon because Jung has no loyalty or honour) apply to be on a show called Astounding Trek that coincidentally sounds like The Amazing Race.

Jung and Shannon have just heard back that they are on the shortlist for Astounding Trek and share the news with the Handy team. Kimchee provides some sarcastic congratulations. If you recall, he was totally shafted by Jung in applying, so in my opinion, this is totally warranted and justified.

It turns out that Jung and Shannon kept on auditioning and after they became a real couple, they finally heard back.

Jung and Shannon go back and forth on whether the producers were "stoked" or "intrigued," and Stacie points out that they are obviously the "drama couple."

She then breaks down the archetypes that these reality shows seek out and she's not wrong. There's the frisky seniors, the brainy nerds, and of course, the super-fit couple.

"That's us!" Jung exclaims. "I can totally get Shannon on my level."

FFS, Jung!

Anyway, later on at the Astounding Trek office, Jung and Shannon are totally playing up the drama of it all but soon they learn that the producers didn't see them as the "drama couple" but more as the "dream couple."


In fact, the producer starts to ask exactly how serious they are and if they're ready to take it to the next level.

"Oh yeah, we're like four times a week," Jung proudly says.

Her smile says, "This is fine" but her eyes say, "STFU!" (CBC)

But no, the producer was trying to see if they are ready for an engagement, which Jung treats as no big deal and agrees to it if it'll help them get into the show.

Shannon is understandably hesitant.

Cut to them later at home arguing about the absurdity of it all. Well, more accurately, Shannon finds it absurd and Jung is being an idiot.

He doesn't get why faking being the drama couple and proposing MARRIAGE on television is any different. It's like I don't even have words to explain how ridiculous he sounds right now and it just proves how out of touch he can be now that he's in a serious relationship.

"I just don't think we should get engaged because a producer suggests it," Shannon reasonably explains.

And Jung just sighs, "Too bad they're not looking for a drama couple."

When he says that, it suggests that Shannon is being overly dramatic and causing an issue when in reality (or I suppose, in my opinion), Jung is being rather dismissive and aloof over their relationship so yes, pretending to be the drama couple and faking a wedding proposal on TV, where your family will see it, IS a big deal, Jung!

Later on in the Handy garage, Jung is rewatching his and Shannon's original audition video (I wonder if he's watching it on CBC Gem. HEY YO!). Kimchee then comes over to assure Jung that there are no hard feelings after his insincere congrats earlier.

He recaps the situation to Kimchee and Kimchee's gut reaction to a marriage proposal on TV is the same as mine and Shannon's.

"That's crazy!" he says.

Shannon shows up and Kimchee leaves them to talk and things seem to be good when Jung says that they should just be themselves and if they get picked, cool, and if not, no big deal.

Finally, some sense from the boy!

They go back to the Astounding Trek office to tell the producer that.

"Couldn't we have covered this in a phone call?" she asks.

Yeah, but what kind of television would that be for us?

Regardless of this apparent breakthrough in their relationship and communication, the show is going with another couple.

Shannon sees that Jung is clearly bummed so she hastily agrees to get engaged.

Oh, Shannon, I was rooting for you to not make stupid and rash decisions. Leave that to Jung!

And this might be the worst reason to get married on TV ever. If you can think of a worst one that doesn't involve alcohol, let me know.

Anyway, it changes nothing for the show.

But as they giggle their way out of the office, Jung is feeling hyped, thinking that it was all a ploy from Shannon to get on the show... but judging from her face, she was ready to take it to the next level, and I don't mean doing it five times a week.

As Jung looks longingly at the Astounding Trek poster in the lobby, he says, "I guess it wasn't meant to be."

"I guess not," she replies.

Are we sure they're not the drama couple?

Say a little prayer for me

This week Umma has a crisis of faith and it's a heartbreaking story and one that a lot of people have probably felt at one point in their lives.

Umma in the church's office with Pastor Nina and two other women in a Bible study group. She is asked to lead the group in prayer and to include a fellow parishioner whose gout came back and whose husband's business is closing.

Umma notes to herself that she prayed for them and it seems like those prayers are going unanswered. She then insists that everyone just prays quietly to themselves, probably because she doesn't want to jinx them.

Afterwards, Pastor Nina asks Umma if everything is okay and Umma tells her that everything she prays for backfires.

Seriously, I'm tearing up thinking about Umma as I type this.

To comfort her, Pastor Nina asks Umma to pray for her.

"I will sleep a lot better knowing that you did," she tells her.

The next day, Umma looks like she's found her faith again until Pastor Nina comes in on crutches and sporting a burnt hand. She tells her that it's just because she's a klutz when walking, and a terror when cooking, but as Umma tries to help Pastor Nina, she nearly falls again.

"Please Mrs. Kim! Stop trying to help!"

Well, that did nothing to restore her faith.

Later that night when Umma and Appa are getting ready to go to bed, she asks him to pray out loud for both of them.

"Yeobo, the Jesus knows what we're thinking. He's like an X-Man," Appa says.

Is that the greatest line on this show ever? Because I think so!

Umma however thinks one of them should pray out loud but it can't be her. She explains through quiet tears that when she got MS, she was angry and blamed Jesus for it. Now, it seems like her prayers are going ignored and it feels like He's pushing her away.

Appa assures her that Jesus would never push away, only pull closer. He then suggests that she needs to talk to Jesus, and he will roleplay as Jesus to help her.

I won't recap this whole scene because my words cannot possibly convey how beautifully acted and written it is. Jean Yoon and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee crushed it. Just rewatch this moment as you run through a full box of tissue from crying.

And so that's that. We have one more episode left to say "Okay, see you" to the Kims. I've already seen the series finale and I gotta tell you, my fellow Kimbits, it's really special! Jung presents some ideas for the store and Shannon joins Kimchee on a personal journey.

See you next week!

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