Kim's Convenience recap: Jung invites Kimchee to the Raptors vs. Clippers game

Spoiler warning: If you haven't watched the new episode yet, you can check it out on CBC Gem. If you are outside of Canada, please wait to read this until the episode is available in your country!

Spoiler warning: If you haven't watched the new episode yet, you can check it out on CBC Gem.

Kimchee asks Shannon for the weekend off, but she says no. (CBC)

Welcome! For the fifth season of Kim's Convenience on CBC, we'll be recapping each episode weekly. 

If you haven't watched the new episode yet, you can check it out on CBC Gem. Go ahead, we'll wait. (And if you are outside of Canada, please wait to read this until the episode is available in your country!)

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We're only on the third episode of the season and everyone is already clashing with each other! This episode explores themes of masculinity and nostalgia, choosing friendships over relationships, and changing mother-daughter relationships.

Who would you take to a courtside Raptors vs. Clippers game?

Hoping to have a "boys weekend," Jung invites Kimchee to visit him in Los Angeles to attend a Toronto Raptors vs. L.A. Clippers basketball game. While they are both hyped for the game, Kimchee is also excited about the possibilities of visiting Disneyland, Legoland, and Universal Studios, while Jung says he would be more excited for a visit to Koreatown and a concert. 

To complicate things, Jung insists on keeping this trip a secret from Shannon, which makes things awkward, as Kimchee needs to ask Shannon for the weekend off without letting her know what he's doing.

Shannon comes home from L.A. with a tan, but tells everyone she was sick. (CBC)

So, Kimchee tells Shannon he has a garlic festival to go to. Shannon denies his request because all managers and assistant managers are needed to work the weekend, but plot twist! Shannon calls in sick and mysteriously shows up on Monday with a tan from that Californian sun. 

So much for that "boys weekend."

What is being a "real man"? 

While Gerald is doing laundry at the Kim house, his heart breaks as he watches Appa rip his childhood "banky" to clean spilled tomato juice. 

Appa makes fun of Gerald for not being a "real man" and calls him a "Charlie Brown baby" throughout the episode. 

Appa holds up The First Album by The Kim Sisters, a Korean-born American singing trio who made their career in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s. (CBC)

Meanwhile, Appa is filled with nostalgia listening to his classic album by The Kim Sisters on his new vintage record player. To give Appa a taste of his own medicine, Gerald decides to play a prank on him that goes sideways: pretending to break Appa's beloved record. 

It almost works until Gerald actually breaks the record. Thankfully, Gerald makes it up to Appa, and Appa learns an important lesson; attaching nostalgic memories to things does not make you weaker. 

Gerald breaks one of Appa's records to teach him a lesson. (CBC)

Umma opens up in a support group, but Janet learns a lesson

Things get serious as Janet tries to get Umma to join a support group for people with MS, and is met with resistance.

Janet later finds out that Umma has been going and telling people that Janet is the one with MS. But this isn't Mrs. Kim trying to be scheming or closed off, it is her way of opening up. She describes how it feels with a grocery store metaphor:

"Sometimes I feel like I have a big sticker on my face. At the grocery store, when food is damaged, it gets a discount sticker. It feels nice to be in a group of discount food but also it feels bad to be in a group of discount food. So, I pretend I don't have MS, and it makes it easier to talk about." - Umma.

Janet and Umma go to the support group together and it ends up being a real tear-jerker. Janet realizes why Umma conceals her pain, and why she doesn't want anyone to worry about her. Umma has always been the one caring for everyone else, but now she has to care for herself and let her family care for her too.

Quote of the week:

  • "Brainwashed by cultural imperialism!" - Mr. Mehta

Appa and Mr Mehta bond over cultural imperialism, but fight over what sound a frog makes. (CBC)

In the opening scene, Mr. Mehta tries out a frog toy in the Kim's Convenience store that makes a "ribbit" sound. Appa argues that the frog says "gagle gagle" in Korean culture. Mr. Mehta says it is "turr turr" in Indian culture. 

If you grew up multiculturally or multilingually, this is a really interesting and relatable scene on how different cultures have different animal sounds.

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