Nirvanna The Band The Show: Tips for Musicians

If you really want to get the best advice on how to succeed in landing that first breakout performance, take a look at these tips inspired by Nirvanna The Band: The Show on CBC Gem.

So, you are ready to take the next step from rehearsing with your band to getting a real-life booking at a well known local hotspot.  You know what they say, if you want to win bing, first you have to… lose big. Yes, you have to lose big. I think I heard that in an 80s movie.  And if you really want to get the best advice on how to succeed in landing that first breakout performance, take a look at these tips inspired by Nirvanna The Band: The Show on CBC Gem.

Make a good first impression.

There you are, full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to bestow your gusher of talent on the world.  What's first? You've got to let the right people know who you are by sharing your "band evidence". This is how everyone will know you exist and are awesome.  

First, you can't just call up the booking agent and expect to get a show if they don't have a photo of your band or a recording that shows off your monster talent.  I mean, you could be a couple of wahoos playing xylophones and kazoos for all they know. Which, actually, would be amazing so show them that. It worked for the Wackids.  And get your photos done somewhere that can achieve professional results. Be sure to include sexy band regalia like leather pants and cigarettes. This looks great in the Now magazine concert listings.

Drink plenty of coffee.

Dedication to your craft takes time and you will need to be awake as much as possible. Drink full-brew, half-brew, drip, dry-brew, espresso, Americana-style coffee — whatever is going on in your life and with your band (because your band IS your life), this will take it up a notch and keep you happy and energy-filled all the way to the bank. Which you will be frequenting after your new-found, coffee-generated spunk gets you that all-important first gig. Just make sure you find some time to sleep or you may doze off at an inopportune moment.

Draw from your influences.

You've done your time.  You've listened to The Smiths on repeat for days on end. You've made your own acoustic cover of NIN's Closer. The music that made you, the movies that informed your creative outlet all play a part in what makes your band truly great. What would Marty McFly do to get the attention of a booking agent?  Don't ask yourself what other local artists do to get their band booked, ask yourself, "What would Obi Wan Kenobi do?"

Limit your use of props

If you want to put on a really good show, be sure to include a prop or two to boost the visual interest on stage. That said, keep it light and try to stick with one theme.  Maybe a nice banner, some flashy ribbons or colourful lights will do but, do you really need that slack line, your longboard and your devil sticks up there with you? Save that for Trinity Bellwoods park. You want to be trendy, but don't take away from the music with unnecessary accoutrements.

Don't start small when you can go straight for the top.

You really have to get the attention of your audience.  What better way to do that than something really big. We're talking huge. Like an ad on the side of a truck huge.  Or your "band evidence" on the side of McDonald's cups. Even better, make a movie about your band and get it shown at Sundance film festival.  That is surely the way to get The Rivoli's booking agent to notice you.

There you have it.  You now have a solid foundation from which to build a case to win your band a spot in your favourite local venue's monthly show rotation. Remember where you heard these tips when you are opening for Post Malone. If you want more insight in getting your band the recognition it deserves, check out Nirvanna The Band The Show on CBC Gem.