Hilarious man proudly yells out "condom factory" when asked for suggestion at improv show

After being invited to his former roommate's performance, this 34-year-old had his own enthusiastic audience contribution.

HALIFAX, NS–Ray Clarke, 34, was excited when his former university roommate Kyle invited him to come and watch him perform at an improv show last weekend. Once the show started and the performers explained that they'd be creating the entire performance on the spot, they asked the audience to suggest a location to inspire their first scene.

Without hesitation, Clarke shot up out of his chair and shouted "condom factory!!!" As the performers gently continued to encourage other audience members to jump in and share any other ideas they may have, and as the performers strained to hear their responses, Clarke stood up a second time, this time climbing up onto his table, and screamed his condom factory suggestion as loud as possible until the improv troupe was forced to take it simply so he would stop yelling.

"I wanted to make sure they took my idea because I knew it would be so funny," Clarke recounted, believing himself to be the first person to ever offer a sexual suggestion to a group of improvisers.

"I toyed with the idea of suggesting 'proctologist's office' or 'urinal cake store' but felt like this group needed something simpler. A guaranteed slam-dunk type of thing." 

 "People tell me all the time how hilarious I am. They constantly ask me if I'm a comedian.- Improv attendee Ray Clarke

Clarke's input didn't end with his suggestions during the show. After the performance, he took it upon himself to find the leaders of the improv troupe and provide some advice.

"I gave the girl like 14 ideas for new troupe names she could use and also let them know their show poster was confusing and if they needed someone to help redesign it I'd be down to help for a reasonable fee. I have dabbled in Photoshop once or twice," he shrugged.

Witnesses say the troupe politely received Clarke's feedback before wandering away from his vicinity and hiding in the washroom until he left the venue. 

Although Clarke admits he has no experience as an improviser, he shared that he "could totally do what they do if he felt like it." Clarke went on to explain, "People tell me all the time how hilarious I am. They constantly ask me if I'm a comedian. I tell them I only pursue things that would actually be a challenge for me."