Here's what the Baronesses have to say about some of our favourite guest players on Baroness von Sketch Show

Introducing nine supporting players who make Baroness von Sketch Show extra funny.

Introducing nine supporting players who make Baroness von Sketch Show extra funny.

Supporting characters Kris Siddiqi and Jen Goodhue in Baroness von Sketch Show. (CBC)

A CBC original series created by Meredith MacNeill, Carolyn Taylor, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen, Baroness von Sketch Show tackles a barrel of contemporary social trends and office politics through original and hilarious sketches. 

Premiering in 2016 and returning with its fifth and final season this year, the award-winning, all-female comedy series has featured some of Canada's most talented sketch comedians and writers. 

"I'm always in awe of not just my co-workers, but all the guests," says Browne, one of the creators and stars of the series.

"They are all so good, they are so precise and so playful... it's a lot of fun."

Jen Goodhue 

Jen Goodhue in Baroness von Sketch Show S5 E6 (CBC)

Jen Goodhue is basically the fifth Baroness. 

"She's been writing with us from the start and not only is she an amazing writer, she's also a great actor," Whalen says. 

One of the OG members of the Baroness von Sketch Show crew, Goodhue is beloved for both her dynamic performances and her diligent work ethics—writing twice as many sketches as anyone else, says Browne.

Prior to BvSS, Goodhue, Taylor and Browne had shared the stage at Second City Toronto. 

"I've known her [for] almost the longest in the comedy community," Browne says. 

"I love being on set with her... and I hope I work with her for the rest of my life."

Kris Siddiqi

Kris Siddiqi in BvSS S2 E7 (CBC)

With appearances in 16 episodes, Kris Siddiqi is among the most familiar faces seen on BvSS. Throughout the seasons, Siddiqi and Browne have played as a couple in many sketches—and they're married in real life.

"He's so funny. He's such a good actor… also just so good at, sometimes, being pushed around too," Browne says as she recalled Siddiqi being humped by Taylor multiple times in season two. 

"I always have a great time writing and performing with him."

Siddiqi is also the co-star and creator of Bit Playas, a CBC digital original.

Paloma Nuñez

Paloma Nuñez in BvSS S5 E6 (CBC)

An award-winning comedian and actress with a math degree, Paloma Nuñez became part of the BvSS production from the very first demo of the show. 

"She's so talented and delightful," says Whalen, who's also Nuñez's sister-in-law.

Aside from her accomplishment in comedy, Nuñez has played in some ground-breaking films and theatre productions, including the Academy Award-winning movie Spotlight

"She's such a good actor," says Browne, who has known Nuñez for years. 

"When you need someone to give you a disapproving look, there's nobody better than Paloma Nuñez."

Paloma Nuñez also features in 'The Spice Girls of comedy' She the People. 

Moynan King

Moynan King in BvSS S5 E5 (CBC)

By now you've probably noticed a pattern: the BvSS team is pretty much a family, literally. Moynan King, Taylor's real-life partner, is another talented supporting player.

Browne refers to the guest star as Dr. King because of her PhD degree, "she's maybe the smartest person I know."  

Besides being a great actress and thinker, King has impressed her co-stars with her voice. 

"I would listen to her read the phone book," Browned says.

Kevin Whalen

Kevin Whalen in BvSS S4 E2 (CBC)

The comedy gene sure runs in the Whalen family. Kevin Whalen, who has made quite a few appearances on BvSS, is a younger brother of Jennifer Whalen. 

"He is very talented and funny," says Jennifer, "and never says no when I write him a fart joke."

Though the Whalen siblings have both performed at Second City, many don't realize the two are related because of their unique styles, Browne says. 

"He seems like just a quiet and chill guy, and then he says something you realize how funny and smart he is."

Paul Braunstein

(Paul Braunstein in BvSS S5 E5) (CBC)

Paul Braunstein first starred in BvSS in the classic sketch in season one, "We're at the Cottage," where Browne asked him to audition for the husband role. Braunstein recorded an audition tape in his living room the night before and impressed everyone. 

"I think we all fell in love with him, and he's been our go-to-guy ever since," says Whalen.

Aside from acting on screen, Braunstein was part of the Toronto theatre company, VideoCabaret, where he met and worked with Browne. 

"There's this certain group of dramatic actors who are so funny that they could be in comedy… and he's one of those people," Browne says. 

"He's a great improviser even though he's not really trained in it at all. He's just a natural talent."

Jon Dore

Jon Dore in BvSS S3 E5 (CBC)

A renowned standup comedian and the star of CBC Comedy's upcoming TV series Humour Resources (starts January), Jon Dore can be spotted throughout the first three seasons of the show—including sinking inside the Titanic, alone, in Down with the Ship

Having known Dore for many years, Browne says she first thought he was a little too good-looking for standup, and then "roughed himself up a little bit." 

"He's great at being a gentleman, at being a gross guy shouting out of the car window," Browne says. 

"He's just got that little kind of gross, fun edge to him that makes him a really funny, caring guy."

Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll

Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll in BvSS S5 E6 (Jackie Brown 2019)

You may also recognize Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll as Enrique from Kim's Convenience. Though Fernandez-Stoll might not have as many lines in BvSS, his comic performances were on point nonetheless. 

In the episode No One Wants to Be That Lady, Fernandez-Stoll improvised his slippery fall in a watery puddle. 

"It was so good that you can actually hear Meredith start to scream and everybody else… because they thought that he'd actually fallen. He's just that skilled with the physical stuff," says Browne. 

"[He's] quite a weirdo in a great way."

Gavin Crawford

Gavin Crawford in BvSS S4 E2 (CBC)

Last but not least, Gavin Crawford. The host of Because News has made some memorable cameos in the five episodes in which he has appeared. 

"He's my brother from another mother! I met him at Second City back in the day and we've worked together ever since. He makes everything better," Whalen says.

"Gavin is one of the most talented people this country has produced," says Browne. 

"He's incredibly good with his voice, with his body, with his imitations of people, with his own humour… we were just lucky and happy to have him anytime he wanted to come on our show."