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This is Ethan. He has a 90-year-old roommate.

Watch a preview for the new CBC Comedy series "My 90-year-old Roommate."

My 90-Year-Old Roommate Trailer

7 years ago
Duration 1:00
A broke Millennial moves in with his 90-year-old grandfather and introduces him to the madness of the modern world. Coming September 9th.

Take a look at the trailer for CBC Comedy's newest web series, "My 90-Year-Old Roommate," a buddy comedy rooted in family and set in the madness of the modern world. It's an exploration of technology, mortality and relationships told through the eyes of two generations, once removed.

You'll be able to find the entire series available at on Friday, Sept. 9th. Or, if you prefer the Youtube, we'll be rolling them out on our channel starting the following Monday.

Here's a bit more about the series:

Joe (Paul Soles), a 90-year-old widower, is living alone when his misguided adult grandson moves in with nothing but a backpack, a box of condoms and a sense of entitlement. Ethan (Ethan Cole) is 31, single and jobless. Joe disapproves of his grandson's instability and seemingly singular ambition: getting laid.

Ethan is concerned that his grandfather has become increasingly detached from the world since his wife passed away. They're both in ruts and a new living situation might just be what's needed to reverse their fortunes. From Tinder dates to early bird specials, this odd pair discovers they have a lot to learn from each other. 

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