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Bob Dylan feeling weirdly underwhelmed by his Grammy nomination this year

Asked whether Dylan will be attending this year’s Grammy ceremony, Blair said that he likely would, noting that it is very close to his home.

HIBBING, MN— Legendary folk singer Bob Dylan, nominated for a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal for his album "Fallen Angels," is reportedly not all that impressed, for reasons that people close to him are strenuously denying have anything to do with the fact he won the Nobel Prize for Literature earlier this year.

"Bob appreciates all awards equally," said his spokesperson, Linda Blair. "He really does. Whether it's an award that has previously been won by Lionel Richie or William Faulkner, the soundtrack to Jaws or Alice Munro, they are all important to him. Yup."

Dylan was reported to have personally called Samuel Richardson, public relations director of the Grammys, several times to ask whether the prize would involve more than one million dollars and a trip to Sweden, or just a drive to the Staples Center and a little statue of a record player. "I don't know why he keeps asking that specific question," says Richardson, "I'm pretty sure he knows by now. He's no longer clearing anything up. I feel like now he's trying to make some kind of point?"

Asked whether Dylan will be attending this year's Grammy ceremony, Blair said that he likely would, noting that it is very close to his home. "Yeah, he can pop down. He'll probably pop over. It might depend whether is stuck on a phone call with the Dalai Lama, who technically won the same prize he did, or Lech Walesa, who also did, but yeah, sure, a Grammy is pretty cool too, big-time, sorry Bob is just saying all this to me while I'm on the phone."

At press time, Dylan was quoted as saying how it was pretty neat that the Grammys wake you up just to tell you that you're in the final five with like, Pat Boone or Kenny G or somebody, which is different from the Nobel Prize committee, who only call to tell you that you've won, which they did earlier this year when he won. The Nobel Prize, that is.

Hey, remember when Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize?

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