For the first time, This Hour Has 22 Minutes will cover the U.S. election in the field

CBC’s long-running news satire is adding a team of field reporters through the U.S. election season.

CBC’s long-running news satire is adding a team of field reporters through the U.S. election season.


News satire This Hour Has 22 Minutes returns to air on Tuesday, October 6 to tackle the relentless news cycle, and for the first time, will have a team embedded in the U.S. to cover the 2020 presidential race.

Fearless political comedy veterans Nik Sexton, Tom Stanley, and Jon Sturge (Rick Mercer Report) will contribute weekly pieces from the field as Donald Trump competes for a second term.

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22 Minutes is now the longest-running comedy in Canadian history.

During a global pandemic, a looming election in the United States, and slew of government scandals and leadership changes here at home, no Canadian show is better equipped to find comedy in these situations. 

The iconic wit, razor-sharp political commentary of 22 Minutes stars Mark Critch, Cathy Jones, and Trent McClellan, remains an enduring staple for audiences across the country.

The 28th season premieres on Tuesday, October 6 at 8:30pm (9NT) on CBC and the free CBC Gem streaming service.

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This year, the series will be filmed in Halifax on Monday evenings at its new home in the Light House Arts Centre.

The new season also sees 22 Minutes adapting to COVID-19 restrictions by creating two writers' rooms in two provinces - one in Halifax, Nova Scotia and one in Toronto, Ontario - featuring some of Canada's best and brightest talent. 

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This season is representing a diverse range of voices from the country's eclectic comedy scene. 

The team includes Heidi Brander (Baroness Von Sketch Show), SiriusXM's Top Comic 2020 winner Adam Christie, JUNO Award winner Sophie Buddle, Aisha Brown (The First Black Woman Ever), Nadine Bhaba (Letterkenny), Isabel Kanaan (Royal Canadian Air Farce), and Aba Amuquandoh (The Sketchersons) - several of whom will be featured players on the show.

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