Comedians: 6 essential tips on how to market yourself

Don Draper your career!

Marketing yourself is important. Just ask Kim Kardashian. She literally has no reason to be famous but she branded herself in all the right ways and bless her for it. So what about you funny makers? 

I get it. You work hard on your material. You grind it out on stages at night. It's exhausting. The last thing you want to do is put work into branding yourself. I won't lie and say it's not a tough job and super awkward to think of ways to sell yourself, but this is your job, right? 

Think of it like you're a small business owner that some day hopes to expand into an empire. Here are a few tips to help you get started if you're a little lost. 

1. Get a website!

It's 2019 comedy friends! The internet is not going anywhere it seems. We meet all the most important people in our lives (life partners, therapists, tarot readers, gynaecologists etc.) via the web now. Scouters, bookers, producers, media are people too and they want to type your name into google and to be able to get to know you. So please, get on the world wide web.

2. Do social media

You're not Jason Matsoukas. When you get to be his level of famous then delete your account(s) and go on Reply All and be a lovable troglodyte who's adorably clueless about the social media the world swoons and gives you a role in John Wick 9

3. Headshots, headshots, headshots

It's a huge pain when you want to share a photo on socials, make a graphic, need a photo for an article and you just can't find a high-resolution image. That photo your friend took of you from the back of a comedy club or at a BBQ eating a messy hotdog is not good enough. Art supports art -- find a professional photographer and get those headshots done.

4. Bio

You think I don't know how awful it is to write about yourself?! Psychopaths and narcissists are probably the only people that enjoy writing CVs, Cover letters or bios. It's truly painful to do but unfortunately, you gotta get it done. People need to be able to look you up and get some information about you. A bio should function as a cross between a dating profile and a resume. Make sure that your personality shines through as well as your professional accomplishments.

5. Video


You're a stand up/sketch/ improv performer. Wonderful. You live in Medicine Hat, Albert. Charming! 

I'm a producer from Montreal. So french! I want to program a show featuring national talent. Woah, fancy.

How am I going to scout with zero travel budget? I'm going to Youtube! Youtube is where I went to fix my ford focus when it wouldn't start in the middle of winter. It's where I learned how to draw the perfect eyebrow arch. And, it's where I sometimes go to program shows or source talents for other collaboration. There's Vimeo, IGTV and whatever other video platforms you want to use -- just make sure you have some decent video out there. 

6. Email list

Kevin Hart has famously spoken about how he would get fans to give him their email addresses after shows to create a mailing list. Email lists are a VERY effective marketing tool. You can speak to your (helpfully growing) audience directly to let them know when your doing shows or launching a series. If ever do tours you can isolate people on your list and let them know your coming to town. Email is definitely an underrated weapon in your fight to become a comedy icon that can sellout huge arenas and do movies with Snoop Dog.