Canadian comedy forever: Comedians react to their JUNO 2021 nomination

Comedians on why their albums deserve the ‘one true arbiter of objective goodness.’

Comedians on why their albums deserve the ‘one true arbiter of objective goodness.’


In a year without live performances, comedy albums are one way we're still getting our laughs. That makes it a special year for five comedians who got news they were nominated for the Juno Awards Comedy Album of The Year. For some of these nominees, it's the most special thing to happen to them in a difficult professional year.

Here are their reactions to the nomination and why they think they made an album that best represents the year.

1. Nick Nemeroff: The Pursuit of Comedy Has Ruined My Life


I used to think awards were dumb and I understand they are the one true arbiter of objective goodness.- Nick Nemeroff

"I feel very honoured and grateful to receive this JUNO nomination and for the work of Ben Miner, Graham Clark, and Mark Forward who brought back this award in 2018," says Nemeroff.

"Not to take anything away from my fellow nominees, obviously all incredible comedians, but our list isn't exactly representative of the current Canadian comedy scene and would encourage comedy fans to also check out albums put out this year from some of my favourite comics like Brandon Ash-Mohammed, Arthur Simeon, and Rebecca Kohler."

Why The Pursuit is the Album Of The Year: 

"Because I literally put everything I had into it and sacrificed my own well-being for years for you, the listener."

2. Derek Seguin: PanDerek

I call it a PanDerek, science calls it a Pandemic... didn't realize all scientists were named Demic but…- Derek Seguin

"My reaction to hearing that my album, PanDerek - 1st Wave was nominated for a Juno was pure joy," says Seguin. 

"It's been a tough year for everyone but I think particularly for performers so it was really great to get a bit of good, work-related news. It's an honor for me to be nominated for this prestigious Canadian award, especially alongside the four other very talented and hilarious comics."

Why PanDerek is the album of the year:

"I'm hoping that mine is truly the album of the year for comedy... and honestly, I think it could be-fit the album of the year, period. I mean, the title itself sums up the year we've had!"

"I hope the material on the album is strong enough to win and I really think the title and artwork reflect the Covid-19 era Junos perfectly," adds Seguin.

3. Shirley Gnome: Decoxification

"When I wrote an album inspired by my experiences being abstinent and named it Decoxification, the last thing I was expecting was a Juno nod," says Gnome. 

This nomination feels very hopeful as much as it has shocked me- Shirley Gnome

"I'm a joyful and uninhibited singing clown weirdo lady in a world with a lot of shame, and I have felt there wasn't a place in the mainstream for what I do."

 Why Decoxification is the album of the year:

"I challenge you to find another album that incorporates pop, country, rock, balladry and EDM with topics ranging from the #MeToo movement to granny panties -- along with being funny and entirely written and performed by one woman. If you do find another one let me know, because that sounds pretty great and I'd really like to listen to it."

4. Matt Wright: Existing is Exhausting

"This is maybe the best thing that's happened to me this year and over four things have happened to me this year. I'd say this is slightly more exciting than getting our new vacuum but slightly less exciting than getting our new puppy. Either way, it's an honour to be nominated.

Why Existing is Exhausting is the album of the year:

"There's four other people nominated so there's an 80% chance that it isn't. But I'll take it, and I'm grateful to anyone who listened to it. Canadian comedy forever."

5. Jacob Samuel: Horse Power

"I'm really honoured to be nominated because there were so many great albums released this year across our country and even underneath it (from Canadians comics trapped in America)."

Why Horse Power is the album of the year:

"Because if you listen to it backwards there are some pretty insightful secret messages." 

The 2021 Juno Awards will be broadcast nationwide Sunday, May 16,  at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on CBC Music, CBC-TV, CBC Gem and CBC Radio One, and globally on While Toronto is the official Juno host for the awards' 50th anniversary, the broadcast will be presented to an at-home only audience, with filming taking place at several locations across the country.