Burger Queen: Steev Letts' debut album on small town pride festivals and life in the mid-thirties

Vancouver-based comedian Steev Letts, known for his self-critical and oddly charming style of humour, recently dropped his debut album Burger Queen with the Comedy Here Often? label.
Steev Letts Burger Queen - Album Artwork (Steev Letts)

Vancouver-based comedian Steev Letts, known for his self-critical and oddly charming style of humour, recently dropped his debut album titled Burger Queen on February 20th with the Comedy Here Often? label. 

Steev has performed on showcases for Just For Laughs, JFL Northwest and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and has headlined a number of Pride shows across British Columbia.

Burger Queen is a collection of jokes on topics such as family reunions, small town pride festivals, life in the mid-thirties; with underlying themes of "the search for self-acceptance and understanding that we're all messy in one way or another," says Letts. 

"I've never sought to alienate or cause discomfort; I want everyone to feel like they're in on the joke."

Check out tracks such as "Small Town Pride/ Small Town Grindr" and "Not On Steroids" from Letts' debut album Burger Queen (Steev Letts)

Steev says the album's title Burger Queen was inspired by his life growing up. 

"I was raised in the 'burbs outside Victoria B.C. and I moved to the city as soon as I could so I could meet other guys like me," says Letts.

"I always felt too feminine and weak for my hometown, and when I got to the city I felt too oafish and unkempt for the gaybourhood. "Burger Queen" is a term I made up to shed those insecurities, and a new way to describe people like myself; gay suburban diaspora with bad taste and good manners.

Burger Queen is available to stream on SpotifyGoogle Play and Apple Music.