BREAKING: Workplace sexism officially real now that man has experienced it

Women of the world can breathe a sigh of relief this week: workplace sexism has officially been deemed real, thanks to a brave man in Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA, PA—Women of the world can breathe a huge sigh of relief this week: workplace sexism has officially been deemed a real phenomenon, thanks to a brave man in Philadelphia who has vocally identified a problem that women have been speaking up about non-stop for decades in pretty much every country across pretty much every field of work.

Martin R. Schneider, a local editor, conducted an experiment for two weeks where he switched email signatures with a female colleague. He was left horrified at the disrespectful and dismissive way in which clients treated him when they thought he was a woman.

"I was in hell," Schneider tweeted about his experience. "Everything I asked or suggested was questioned. One [client] asked if I was single."

"I said that exact sentence in 1972," sighed retired family physician Erica Burrows. "No one listened or cared."

"I said that exact sentence six months ago," explained 28-year-old graphic designer Isabel Washington. "My supervisor told me to stop imagining things and just play nice."

"I said that exact sentence four hours ago," laughed 41-year-old philosophy professor Kaya Seers. "Any moment now, hoards of reporters from international media outlets will be asking to interview me about my experience just like they did with that Martin guy."

"They're probably just busy or something," she shrugs. "But they're for sure on their way."

Schneider reports that his experiment has inspired him to look into other social issues.

"I'm planning to live for 24 hours on three quarters of my regular pay and I'll let you guys know if that's worse or better than living on 100% of it," Schneider told an Olympic stadium of thoroughly captivated reporters this morning.

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