'Being funny was my only self-defence': Get to know comedian Matty Vu

Sometimes indulging himself in a cross-stitch, Matty Vu is a comedian ready to charm Canadians across the country.

Sometimes indulging himself in a cross-stitch, Matty Vu is a comedian ready to charm Canadians across the country.

Vu is one of the featured comedians in the CBC Gem special The New Wave of Standup and is available to watch online here.

We invited Vu to take our questionnaire, and here's what he had to say!

1. Where do you come from, and what were you like growing up?

I was the youngest of 6, and always the shortest kid in school. I was a mouthy kid who always had to say something and being funny was my only self-defence.

2. What kind of first impression do you hope to make on audiences when you step on stage?

"Woah look at this badass. He looks strong as heck and is probably so good at sex stuff."

3. When did you first know you wanted to do comedy? When did you decide it was a career?

I was always a fan of comedy and never actually ever saw myself doing it. A long-term relationship had ended, and while drunkenly shopping online I had signed up for a standup comedy class with Instant Theatre. I was 29 when that happened, I was already on a career that I enjoyed. I'm now 34, and don't know when I will be at the crossroads of leaving that and comedy taking over. 

4. What was the greatest moment you've experienced on stage? How about the worst?

My greatest moment was the first Yellow Fever show that my friends and I had produced.  We were able to shine a spotlight on Asian performers in Vancouver, and the audience showed up like I couldn't believe. 

The worst is sad and full of racism, so I'm just gonna skip that. A fun bad show was where I ate too much BBQ and then asked to do a show after. I had meat sweats and was breathing very heavily into the mic. Just a gross mess of a person that night. 

5. Who are your comedy heroes? Who do you look to for inspiration?

Graham Clark and Charlie Demers are people I look up to a lot. They're incredibly funny, insightful, and kind. If the best people in town are like this, there's no room for egos and shittiness. 

6. What other fellow comics should Canadians know about?

My Yellow Fever co-producers Tin Lorica and Ronald Dario. I couldn't be more privileged to work with such talented people. There are people like them all around the country, and I hope all comedy fans go to live independent shows where we get to be at our best. 

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