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Sophie Kohn is writer and producer with CBC Comedy, a stand-up comedian in Toronto, and a graduate of Second City's Conservatory program.

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Once again, Niagara-on-the-Lake voted more popular town than Niagara-in-the-Lake

The charming and historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario has been named a more popular tourist destination than Niagara-in-the-Lake, a mostly submerged town about two hours away.

It appears that the Wikipedia entry for Sophie Trudeau has been edited by her bitter high school boyfriend

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, also known as Sophie Grégoire (which, maybe let’s all just stick with that, huh? It’s 2018 after all) is apparently “the wife” or whatever of Justin Trudeau.

Updated MASH categories for a new generation

Mansion??? Ha! Yeah, right. House, even? Dream on. Look, it must be said: the categories of beloved elementary schoolyard game MASH are too unrealistic for today’s world, even in a wild fantasy life scenario.

Signature cocktails at Braeden and Mikaylah's rustic farmhouse wedding

We mailed an origami invitation to a glass bowl of preserved newborn moose tears, asking it to please come mingle with a handful of vodka that’s been aged for three years in a cedar strip canoe handmade by the happy couple.

The longest imaginable audiobooks for your endless drive across Ontario

Are you going on a 79-hour drive across the province because that’s how long it takes?

For one entire year, I did nothing but write an article. Here's what happened.

Life is about taking risks. It’s about thinking outside the box. It’s about finding the courage to say goodbye to the predictable 9-to-5 cookie-cutter life and do something unexpected for a change.

Woman apologizes after bumping into empty hallway where someone was standing 40 minutes ago

Becca Martin, 24, would like everyone to know that she feels “just absolutely TERRIBLE” after accidentally bumping into the general atmospheric conditions in a long, completely empty hallway in her office.

'That has come off of the chain it was previously on!' and more of my bungled attempts to sound hip

Listen up, youth: it wasn’t that long ago I was out there on the streets “talkin’ teen” and I’m pretty confident I’ve still got it.

Delayed response excuses I'm frankly not sure I believe

Hi! Sorry for taking so long to return your email: I only check my inbox once every lunar cycle.

Big reveal at gender reveal party is that no one wants to be there whatsoever

“Cool, can we go home now?” says the entire room in unison.