Ned Petrie

Ned Petrie is a Toronto-based writer, actor, and 6-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee. He currently appears on the TV series Blind Sighted (AMI) and Gary & His Demons (Blue Ant Media). Previously, Ned was a writer for Night Sweats (Teletoon) and created the game show pilot The Panel Show for CBC Radio.

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Hello, person I haven't spoken to since Grade 8! I was wondering if you want to join my pyramid scheme

Hey! It’s me! The person you sat next to in Mrs. Rathge’s Grade 8 Science Lab! I was wondering if you wanted to join the pyramid scheme I’ve sunk $7,000 into and have no hope of recovering!

I didn't come to this pumpkin patch to make friends

I came here to do two things: sip the free hot apple cider they give you when you get here, and dominate this pumpkin patch. And guess what, idiots?! I’M ALL OUT OF CIDER.

The 4 worst cases of curling hooliganism in Canadian history

Canada’s roaring game is perhaps most associated with the many large-scale riots it has inspired over the years at the hands of violent gangs of curling hooligans.

5 great New Year's resolutions if you've been bitten by a venomous snake

The end of the year is upon us, and whether you’ve been bitten by several snakes recently or just a few, now is the time to set your goals for the year ahead.

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Much of the enduring popularity of the Star Wars universe is thanks to its loveable cast of critters and the fun of imagining what they might taste like if you cooked and ate one.

5 great gifts for your dog, plus 5 less expensive gifts for your family

‘Tis better to give than receive, especially when it comes to spoiling our beloved four-legged companions during the holiday season! Giving gifts to human loved ones is also something that happens.

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Canadian Tire money to be replaced with 'Loyalty Microchip' drilled into customers' skulls

As customer behaviour evolves, so too must Canadian Tire’s beloved paper “currency” adapt to these changing times

5 adorable cat costumes that will ruin your cat's day

Everyone loves a cute little kitty wearing a costume! Well, everyone except the cute little kitties, that is. They very obviously hate it with every inch of their being!

Wow! This free Vancouver haunted murder house sold for $1 million

Don’t let anyone tell you that Vancouver’s real estate market is cooling down!
CRTC or Treat

5 last-minute Halloween costumes to satisfy CRTC CanCon requirements

There are lots of simple, last-minute options that will wow your friends while satisfying your CanCon obligations as defined by the Broadcast Act of 1968.