Meg MacKay

Meg MacKay is a stand-up comic from Prince Edward Island who is trying her best.

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Obituary for the part of you that died when you took that office job

The Dream was pronounced dead after you watched your cubicle-mate eat a caesar salad with his hands, in full view of an actual fork.

Statue erected for beloved Canadian actor 'that guy from that show'

To honour 20 years of That Actor Guy appearing in Canadian Entertainment, a statue has been erected in downtown Toronto.

Permission slip for Ms. Frizzle's upcoming field trip

Most parents blindly signed the catch-all permission slip without actually reading it, and have been riddled with crippling anxiety ever since.

O, Holy Fight! Christmas 2017 and Halloween 2017 get into an epic Twitter feud

Twitter gives us the power to take what we would normally just scrawl on a bathroom stall and shout it loudly into the eyes of those who admire us.

A CBC Comedy guide to apple picking

Fall is here, bringing with it many beloved rituals—pumpkin spice-flavoured everything, scrambling to remember which weekend Thanksgiving falls on this year – but the most important tradition is apple picking.

Independence Day: Resurgence announces its Oscar nomination for Alternative Best Picture

Taking a cue from the US government’s recent PR campaign of “alternative facts”, Independence Day: Resurgence has announced its own nomination this morning for Alternative Best Picture.

WestJet to offer complimentary punch in the genitals on international flights

After recently getting rid of complimentary movies and meals on international flights, WestJet announced it will have its flight attendants sack you in the nards totally free of charge.

3 times Anthony Weiner sexted the wrong person and just rolled with it

Whoops... Eh, why not?

How to tell if you're "the dad" of your friend group

But what about the guy who enjoys a cold beer and a sensible pair of slacks? That’s for sure “The Dad” of the group.

Woman adopts British accent after 3 hours at London airport

When Leonard McLeod picked his daughter up from the airport, he expected her to be tanned and jet lagged. He did not expect her to be speaking with a British accent.