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The definitive guide to taking wedding photos with your iPad

A wedding is a magical event where two people throw a big party that's heavily subsidized by the people attending. But how can you make sure to capture the memories of this wonderful day forever and ever?

Man late for job interview with TTC hired immediately

When Bill Smitherson strolled in 1.5 hours late for his job interview with the TTC yesterday, hiring manager Rick Beland knew they had their man.

Ladies' Night at bar most discrimination man will face this year

Every Thursday night, The Thirsty Man features a ladies’ night where women get in free, while men are basically forced at gunpoint to pay $5.

Pot with performance anxiety can't boil while you watch

“Normally I wouldn’t care,” explains Price. “But my entire afternoon is really riding on this Kraft Dinner.”

REPORT: Pretty sure guy showed up at cottage with just a guitar

During a short break in the conversation, Chad jumped at the chance to play 'Wonderwall.'

Man hoping 'most of his vacation time' a good enough gift for destination wedding

Jake Morrison left his friend’s destination wedding with memories that will last him until he surely has to do it again within the next few years.

STUDY: Cilantro not thrilled about 50% of population either

While we think about whether or not we like cilantro, we never stop and ask what it thinks of us.

Woman gives birth to brand new Instagram feed

On June 19th at 9:26 am, Melissa McNally and her husband Tom welcomed a healthy new Instagram feed to the world.

British man just going to see exactly what accent will let him get away with

By the age of 26, Colin Vaillancourt of Leeds, England realized that he had a special ability.

24 million Americans enter every March Madness pool in hopes of affording healthcare in future

In the wake of a recent Congressional Budget Office report that nearly 24 million Americans will soon be without insurance, ESPN is reporting that their March Madness pools are doing great.