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Toronto to build its first condo inside already existing condo

Word is out that downtown Toronto will be the home of an ambitious feat of engineering.

Holidays spent in hometown reunites woman with her intolerant roots

As the holiday season approaches, urbanite Debbie Turkstra is thrilled to return to her hometown to visit family and friends, and to reconnect with the small-town ideals from her days of old.

16-year-old soldier makes ultimate sacrifice so you can never fully commit to attending that Facebook event

The result is that 100 years later, you can yell fully and freely at your Starbucks barista because your extra-hot latte isn't quite extra hot enough.

Woman lives in constant fear of being invited to board game night

A 26-year-old woman was found hiding in her Guelph-area basement on Thursday night. She had been missing for a week after receiving a bone-chilling phone call from a former classmate inviting her to board game night at Cheryl’s house.

Trudeau announces Canada's next election to be decided by Twitter poll

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced legislation yesterday that will profoundly change the logistics of the next federal election: voting will take place in the form of a Twitter poll, a bold move political analysts are calling a “revolutionary approach to democracy.”

New Anne of Green Gables to be played by Instagram celeb

Some were surprised to hear the role of the lead character Anne, typically portrayed as a young white girl with red hair and pigtails, will be given to Pat Wu, a gluten-free, vaping Instagram celebrity.