Advice from Schitt's Creek, Workin' Moms and Kim's Convenience on how to live your best life

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” - Anonymous Now that’s a practical and deliciously valuable tip to keep you going! We’ve compiled a list of similar advice inspired from Workin' Moms, Schitt’s Creek and Kim’s Convenience that will help you live your best life.

Follow these wise tips from our shows to help you lead a desirably perfect lifestyle!


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Now that's a practical and deliciously valuable tip to keep you going! We've compiled a list of similar advice inspired by Workin' Moms, Schitt's Creek and Kim's Convenience that will help you live your best life.


Life advice from Workin' Moms

1. Have a school network with other moms

It's always good to have a secondary source of information about events at school, apart from your child. Disclaimer: There's no guarantee of authenticity!

2. Spend an evening out every week

Let down your hair and go paint the town red!

3. Divide and conquer tasks

Ensure your partner assists in getting stuff done around and beyond the house. Anne Carlson and her better half, Lionel, top the list in doing this!

4. Disconnect from technology

Once home after a long day's work, stay clear from distractions such as social media and extensively detailed phone conversations with your friends/co-workers.

5. Take out time for personal well-being

Looking your best will help you power through responsibilities at work as well as at home.

Life advice from Schitt's Creek's Rose family

1. Take up any opportunity that comes your way

When the goin' gets tough, grab that smallest opportunity to keep you going! Whether it's assisting at a clothing boutique or playing a crow in a movie, the Roses sport the right attitude to earn themselves a living in Schitt's Creek.

2. Involve yourself with the local community

Moira Rose is the perfect advocate for this. Apart from catering to the best interest of the community of Schitt's Creek as a member of the town council, she also participates in exhibiting her singing talent along with the rest of the Schitt's Creek ladies in the acapella jazz group —  the Jazzagals.

3. Celebrate highs and lows as a family

Irrespective of the misfortune the Rose family has been struck by, Johnny and Moira ensure they keep their family closely knit through all odds. From celebrating festivals to regular family meals at Cafe Tropical, the Roses are the epitome of 'quality family time.'

4. Embrace the available space and make it your home

While the Rosebud Motel may not be the most comfortable place in which to dwell, the Roses learned to live happily within its thin walls... along with the bugs and fluctuating temperatures and moods!

Life advice from the Kim family from Kim's Convenience

1. Never settle

Appa's determination to ensure the welfare of the convenience store and his family is never compromised. From finding the best deal for a dishwasher, to ensuring Janet finds the right partner; Appa leads the way for us to agree on 'Never settle'!

2. Keep your customers close, but your family closer

While maintaining a regular customer base is the store's specialty thanks to Umma and Appa's weird-yet-welcoming hospitality, they leave no stone unturned to keep the family together. Whether it's helping Janet set up her new place with her boyfriend or Appa letting go off his ego to reconcile with his estranged son Jung, the couple value family above anything else.

3. Pun your way through life!

4. Martial arts are the best bet to defend your family

Hapkido, Judo, Taekwondo or whatever your calling, learn a martial art and see the wonders it does for you and your family!

Watch how the Workin' Moms, the Rose family from Schitt's Creek and Kim's family from Kim's Convenience work their way through life on CBC Gem.