A quiet, quirky kid turned comic: Meet Jen Sakato

Find out more about Canadian standup comic Jen Sakato as she takes our “get to know a comic” questionnaire.
(Photo by Jess Stewart-Lee)

Find out more about Canadian standup comic Jen Sakato as she takes our "get to know a comic" questionnaire. 

Jen Sakato's new EP, The Dozen, is out today on Howl & Roar.

1. Where do you come from, and what were you like growing up?

I'm from Toronto. But I'm from-from Etobicoke. I was a quiet, quirky kid who was into dinosaurs for way too long. 

2. What kind of first impression do you hope to make on audiences when you step on stage?

Affable crankiness?

3. When did you first know you wanted to do comedy? When did you decide it was a career?

I've fantasized about being a standup while I was in my early 20s but it wasn't until years later that I performed a set at a wedding and I wanted to try it for real. Pursuing standup more seriously came a few years in. There was no pivotal moment, just a desire to get better at it.

4. What was the greatest moment you've experienced on stage? How about the worst?

Getting the tap on the shoulder to perform for the CBC's Accent on Toronto show at the Danforth Music Hall, and doing well — in front of my parents for the first time, too, that was great. 

In the same year I bombed so hard in front of 600 people that I didn't finish my time and the mic stand almost fell off the stage while trying to find its own hole to crawl into. 

5. Who are your comedy heroes? Who do you look to for inspiration?

Joan Rivers, Sebastian Maniscalco and Bill Burr for sure. Joan's comedy is a never-ending source of inspiration to me. And her plastic surgery, a constant warning. 

6. What other fellow comics should Canadians know about?

My husband, Patrick Hakeem. Because when he wins, we win.

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