A list of ways to put the FUN in FUNERAL!

It’s for sure so sad when someone dies. But what’s stopping us from having a little fun while we mourn?
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It's for sure so sad when someone dies. But what's stopping us from having a little fun while we mourn? Not a crazy amount — just a dash! Here are some unquestionably great ideas for those interested in exploring the laughterlife!

1. Musical Pews!

Everyone loves a rollicking round of Musical Chairs, and this unfathomably thrilling game is easy to adapt for a church setting. During the long, sombre stretches of the service, simply get the organist to suddenly pound on that thing at random moments, signalling to everyone that WHOOPS: time to get up and switch pews, quick like bunnies so you're not the last one standing!

2. Russian Nesting Doll coffins

It's hilarious to have a series of ever-shrinking coffins with the dearly departed safely contained in the innermost one. Where is the person??! And exactly how many coffins do we need to open until we get to him or her?! This is an easy way to build suspense and all the giggles that come with it!

3. Take some creative liberties with that Queen song

Get the entire group of funeral attendees up on their feet and do this as a giant group:




Repeat until everyone feels like stopping! And who knows? Maybe that moment never comes and this is your life now!

4. Everyone on Rollerblades!

Why walk slowly with a heavy heart when you can glide awkwardly with no real grasp on where the brakes are or how to use them? Listen: death makes us all feel vulnerable. Why not underscore that feeling as much as possible by requiring all mourners to wear Rollerblades for the entirety of the service, reception, and burial?

5. Flours instead of flowers!

It's just a silly gag to have weird bags of flours on display! Get a little zany with different combinations of whole wheat, spelt, organic, and gluten-free. "What?!" everyone will say. "Oh! Ha ha! That's hilarious and I will never stop laughing at it as long as I live!"

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