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8 great athlete guest stars on 'Mr. D'

8 great athlete guest stars on ‘Mr. D’

You might expect a show about a mildly frustrated athlete-turned-teacher to make use of some guest stars from the sports world once in a while, and Mr. D has had some big ones. Here are just a handful of the athletes who have graced the halls of Xavier Academy — or, in one case, Gerry's guest room.

Mike Cammalleri - Episode: "Guest Speaker"

Filmed when Cammalleri was with the Montreal Canadiens, but aired after he had been moved to the Calgary Flames, this episode had Cammalleri provoking Gerry's jealous streak. He does eventually admit he wants an autograph, though — which the left-winger promptly misspells.

"Poker Night" is episode 09 of season 2 on Mr. D.

Daniel Negreanu  - Episode: "Poker Night"

Look, you be the one to tell him poker's not a sport. Mr. D runs into the winner of 6 World Series of Poker bracelets (tied for 9th all-time) who confesses he's had a bad run of cards lately. Gerry decides to put up Negreanu at his house, because he has a plan — which works out about as well as a lot of his plans.

Gerry tries to get revenge with the former world's fastest man on the racetrack.

Roberto Alomar - Episode: "President Jimmy"

In this mockumentary-style episode, the Hall-of-Fame ex–Blue Jay second baseman meddles in Xavier Academy's student election. Why? Turns out he was just really bored.

Gerry Dee chats with Nathan MacKinnon and Cameron Critchlow in this candid behind the scenes snapshot.

Nathan MacKinnon & Cameron Critchlow - Episodes: "Overnight Trip," "Self Defence," "Coaching Prospects"

The then–Halifax Mooseheads teammates got either special treatment or mockery from Gerry, depending on how he feels that day, in these episodes spread across three seasons of the series.

Donovan Bailey - "Duncan vs. Bailey"

Gerry tries to get revenge with the former world's fastest man on the racetrack, even if he has to play a little dirty to do it.

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

Though the episode hasn't yet aired, the ice-dancing Olympic gold and silver medalists' appearance on set during the filming of Mr. D's final season got a lot of attention, so keep your eyes peeled and your skates sharpened.