What Europe's oil and gas capital can tell us about the growing pains of a just transition
As climate scientists tell the world to end the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels, questions linger about how to make this happen while ensuring economic and social well-being. Aberdeen, Scotland, the so-called oil and gas capital of Europe, is going through those growing pains right now.
Royal Fascinator Royal Family's attempt to get distance from Prince Andrew is an act of self-preservation video audio
Buckingham Palace's 42-word announcement that Prince Andrew had lost his military affiliations and royal patronages was remarkably terse, but it was also remarkably symbolic, representing how far his reputation has fallen in recent years, along with how focused the institution of the monarchy can be as it looks toward its future.
THE LATEST Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Sunday
Quebec stores reopen their doors on Sunday following a three-week ban imposed by the government in a bid to limit hospitalizations. The province is also set to expand its vaccination passport program on Monday, making it mandatory to show proof of immunization to enter a number of retail settings.