Revamped citizenship guide still a work in progress as election nears
A promised overhaul of Canada’s citizenship guide remains a work in progress with just months left in the Liberal mandate, leaving a current guide riddled with historical gaps and outdated information.
SECOND OPINION Event billed as 'national pharmacare forum' dominated by groups opposed to universal drug plan
Canada's minister of health Ginette Petitpas Taylor faced criticism for being the keynote speaker at an event billed as a "national pharmacare forum" that was dominated by industries and groups that oppose a universal single-payer national drug plan.
The psychology behind why few of us feel rich
It's human nature to compare ourselves to others and when it comes to money, social psychologists say most people have a big blind spot — we only compare upward to those who have more than us.
Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett offers an intimate look behind the scenes of his presidency video
Former presidential senior advisor Valerie Jarrett talks about her unique relationship with the Obama family, her time in the White House, the challenges they faced - and the tweet that ended Roseanne Barr's career.
THE ROYAL FASCINATOR Another royal wedding — but not so much pomp
There was a wedding in Windsor on Saturday, but there wasn't the pomp and pageantry — or controversy — to rival the other royal nuptials that have played out in the same place over the past year.