Garneau won't rule out invoking Emergencies Act to limit pandemic travel video
Former Maple Leafs captain George Armstrong dead at 90
Former Toronto Maple Leafs captain George Armstrong has died. He was 90.
New Privy Council Office to advise PM this week on selecting new governor general, LeBlanc says video
The Privy Council Office will be giving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau advice this week on selecting a new governor general after Julie Payette resigned amid a scathing report into harassment and a toxic work environment at Rideau Hall.
Face tattoos give Indigenous woman a chance to reclaim traditional form of self-expression
Tattoos are popular for people of all ages and genders — even on the face — but for Indigenous women, it's not about being trendy. It's about reclaiming a traditional form of self-expression.
Rows of white crosses in downtown Sudbury, Ont., honour those lost to opioid crisis
What has become a haunting memorial in downtown Sudbury, Ont., started with a single white wooden cross erected by a grieving mother in October, at the spot where her 22-year-old son had died of an opioid overdose. A few months later, there are now more than 150 wooden crosses at the site, each bearing the name of someone else — another life lost to the opioid crisis.