As forest fires rage, experts worry about the future of the Amazon
As of Thursday, there are more than 165,000 fires burning in the Amazon rainforest. The alarming part, however, is that a significant number of them — more than 75,000 — are burning in Brazil, which some experts fear will have dire consequences.
Updated Pompeo attacks China for detaining 2 Canadians during Ottawa stop
Canada will have the United States's support against China until the two Canadians men in detention "are returned to their families," promised Secretary of State Mike Pompeo while on a visit to Ottawa.
Autism overdiagnosed, Canadian-led review suggests
The definition of autism has changed to the point where a diagnosis could become nearly meaningless, the lead researcher of a new review says.
Top general says military started dealing with suspected neo-Nazi in the spring
Defence chief Gen. Jonathan Vance says the military first became aware of a Manitoba reservist's alleged links to a neo-Nazi group in the spring and were investigating him in earnest weeks before media reported on the matter.
'Jihadi Jack' has a constitutional right to come to Canada. But getting in may not be so easy
Jack Letts has every right as a Canadian citizen to come to Canada, legal analysts say, but the man dubbed "Jihadi Jack" by the media and accused of being an ISIS fighter may not have an easy time getting into the country