Close To Home
with Carmen Klassen

The final episode of Close to Home aired on June 22, 2012

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Ali Barnam Agent For Change

Ali Barnim wrote, produced and directed the documentary Agents of Change.

It's about an organization we've heard about before on Close To Home -- called Colors International. It's an organization that helps children and families in South Africa -- with projects in the Dominican Republic and Madagascar as well.

Project Colors was founded and is run by a young Nova Scotia woman named Sunyata Choyce.

We reached Ali at home 2 days before the debut of the film.


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Mary Wood

Ever since we began the show 2 1/2 years ago, we've relied on you - the listeners of Close To Home - to tell us about the interesting, accomplished, and innovative people in your communities.

Daniel Asuncion of Halifax contacted us to tell us about Mary Wood - another Halifax resident with a great story to tell.

After a very full life in the U.K., -- with experiences ranging from running a business to single-motherhood -- Mary left her home in England and relocated to the Maritimes almost a decade ago.

Since then, she's continued to delve into her own writing, and helping other people with theirs.

She recently published her first book " A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Inventing My Childhood "- to very positive reviews.

And we've reached Mary Wood this afternoon


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Valley Ghostwalks

Jeremy Novak of Wolfville, Nova Scotia is preparing to scare a few people next week.

He runs Wolfville's Gravely Ghostwalk tours --- in its 5th season this year.

The first one takes place a week from tomorrow night.

And we've reached Jeremy in Wolfville


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Janelle Mackay

Janelle MacKay of Antigonish, Nova Scotia spends her days as a receptionist at an oncology clinic.

But by night, Janelle is a musician --- influenced in part by the place she was born and bred --- and in part by a place very far from here.

A couple of years ago, Janelle went to Rwanda with A Partnership in Caring - an Antigonish group which gives support to hospitals in Butare.

And that trip changed her life, and her music.

She recently put out a CD inspired by Rwanda. She's also recorded music there with Rwandan musicians.

We've reached Janelle on a break.

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5K Fundraising Run - In Memory of Jessica

Jennifer Manual of Bedford, Nova Scotia turns a painful time into her life into a successful fundraising run for the IWK Health Centre in Halifax.

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Jordan Grondin

Since June 1st of last year, Jordan Grondin of Beaverbrook, New Brunswick has been spending much of his extra-curricular time working to drum up support for a very ambitious project.

Jordan's goal is to recognize R.B. Bennett - the only Canadian prime minister born in New Brunswick - with statue on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

We've reached Jordan at home to find out what he's accomplished in almost a year's time...


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Little Foot Yurts

May 12th was World Fair Trade Day -- and a group of Nova Scotia businesses got together to promote globally conscious trade.

The Fair Trade Bazaar took place in downtown Halifax. Products on display included silks from Thailand, Zulu beadwork from South Africa, and carpets from Kyrgystan.....

And all of the merchants at the Fair Trade Bazaar were housed in a Nova Scotia-made yurt. It was built by Little Foot Yurts of Wolfville, NS.

Selene is co-owner and operator of the company, and we reached her at home before the event.....

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Reid Power Grimm

Reid Power Grimm of Annapolis Royal, NS is working to finish up grade 12 over the next several weeks.

But he's doing a bit of a juggling act as well.

He's trying to raise about $6000 for a trip to Africa this summer.

We've met Reed on Close To Home before...he helped coordinate the creation of a skatepark in his town last summer.

But this time, he's taking his passion and energy across the ocean -- to help build a school with the Me to We organization.

We've reached Reed at home in Annapolis Royal...

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Nova Scotian wins national agricultural award

Carmen speaks with one of Nova Scotia's busiest women, Betty Lou Scott.



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Nothing but awesome for Earth Day

Volunteers plant trees along Barrington Street in Halifax's Downtown.


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