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Arts students in the protest movement

hi-studentprotest-8col.jpgAs March draws to a close, we now have what some say is the largest student protest movement ever in the province of Quebec. 

Students from French Universities, English universities, CEGEPS and even high school students have left their classes and headed out into the streets in what has become almost daily protests. 

It's become impossible to ignore. 

The approaches have become ever more creative. On Thursday, students in Montreal marched in masquerade along colour-coded routes. 

All this, over goverment plans to increase tuition by a few hundred dollars. Some people say the students are making a big deal about small change. 
But we wonder if there's something more profound going on here; if it isn't a more general malaise with the direction of society, something that picks up on the sentiment of the occupy movement. 

Rickie Lea Owens is a graduate student studying open media, with a specialization in electronics and animation at Concordia University in Montreal. 

Rebecca Estrada is doing a double major in Arts Administration with a concentration in visual arts at Bishops Univeristy in Lennoxville.

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Fine arts students at both universities are holding end-of-year exhibitions: 

(Photo Credit: Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)