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Visual Art: January 2012 Archives

Winter culture in Canadian art

Elizabeth 001.jpgWinter, and the culture surrounding it, has played a big role in the paintings and photographs of 18th and 19th century Canada, which tell the story of a vibrant winter life.

Jeanette Kelly talks to Elizabeth Anne Cavaliere, a doctoral student at Concordia University in the department of art history who specializes in 19th-century Canadian landscape photography. To the left, Elizabeth is holding a stereoscope, an instrument that was used in the 19th century to create a 3D effect when viewing photos.

Here's our viewing guide to Jeanette's conversation with Elizabeth:

Cornelius Krieghoff: Winter scene with two racing sleighs

Alexander Henderson: Ice palace, Winter Carnival, Montreal, QC, 1884

Wm. Notman and Son: Carnival, Montreal, QC, composite, 1884

William Notman: Skating Carnival, Victoria Rink, Montreal, QC, painted composite, 1870

David Milne: Side Door, Clarke's House, c.1923

Lawren Harris: Mt. Lefroy, 1930


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