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Cinq à Six in the Summer -- July 9, 2011

vent.jpgFor over 200 years, Scotland has provided Quebec a steady and generous flow of immigrants.

This concert explores the affinities between the two cultures in music, showcasing the similarities and differences between their repertoires and styles.

Le Vent du Nord performs tracks from their new show La part du feu, while Breabach features their new album The Desperate Battle of the Birds.

If any more evidence is needed that music can unite the world, the combined might of Breabach and Le Vent du Nord is it!

(Listen to the concert again.)

Concerts featured on Cinq à Six in the Summer are all available on the CBC Radio 2 Concerts on Demand Web site.

You can find the schedule for all episodes of Cinq à Six in the summer on the CBC Montreal Community Web page.