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Wapikoni Mobile: Giving First Nations youth a voice through film

logo-wapikoni.pngThis year, the Quebec-based Aboriginal filmmaking project Wapikoni Mobile is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Equipped with a mobile studio, filmmakers live in remote First Nations communities for a month at a time with a singular mission: to get young people inspired and motivated to tell their stories through film, music videos and animation.

Thanks to Wapikoni, over 600 films have now been made--telling stories that otherwise would never be told.

Wapikoni.JPGJeanette spoke to Wapikoni's founder, Manon Barbeau, to get her insight on the trials and tribulations of giving First Nations kids a voice. Then, filmmaking mentor Alexandra Guité and 23-year-old Mi'kmaq filmmaker Raymond Caplin joined her in studio to discuss the life-changing effect the Wapikoni Mobile project has had on their lives.

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