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100-year-old post office converted to arts centre

LAPOSTE_EXT_08.jpgA growing number of private individuals are making big contributions to Montreal's art scene.

We could call them modern-day patrons of the arts.

We've talked on this show about people like Pierre Trahan who started l'Arsenal, and Phoebe Greenberg's personal project, the Phi Centre.

Now there's another new player on the Montreal scene. Isabelle de Mévius, originally from Belgium, is heiress to a family fortune thanks their brewing business, Stella Artois. 

Madame de Mévius has purchased a gorgeous 100-year-old post office in Griffintown and refurbished it with flair and attention to detail.

See a photogallery of our visit to 1700 La Poste.

The result is a clean and modern gallery and performance space that respects the building's original vocation.

Listen to Cinq à Six host Jeanette Kelly's interview with Isabelle de Mévius.

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laposteint.jpgThe building dates back to 1913.

It was designed by David Jerome Spence, an American architect who studied at MIT in Boston but lived in Montreal. Spence died in Montreal in 1955.

His grandson, Stockbridge Cable Spence Junior, came to Montreal from Jacksonville, Florida for the opening of the new art space.

Listen to his interview with Jeanette:

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(Photo credit: Alain Lefort)