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Modern architecture at risk

agora.jpgIt's not just crumbling old buildings that need saved, says a community group in Montreal.

Heritage Montreal recently released a list of threatened heritage sites.

Almost half of the locations on the on the list were built in the past 100 years.

Among the at-risk sites is the Agora (pictured) and Square Viger. The public parks built above the Ville-Marie Expressway in the 70s and 80s were supposed to become spaces for concerts and gatherings, but now are more popular with panhandlers and homeless people than the general public. But Dinu Bumbaru says the structures -- which may appear rather stark by today's standards -- still have value and should be preserved.  

Other modern sites on the Heritage Montreal list include a housing co-op in St. Leonard and Expo 67 installations, especially the Place des Nations.

Listen to Jeanette's interview with Dinu Bumbaru:  

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