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Simons opens store in West Edmonton Mall

simons.jpgSimons has been a family-owned business since the first store opened in Quebec City in 1940.

Now, for the first time ever, Simons is venturing outside of the province of Quebec.

A 100-thousand square foot store opened in the West Edmonton Mall on Wednesday.

"It's just so big, there's so much to look at, I was just kind of overwhelmed," says blogger Janis Galloway.

Galloway blogs on Dress Me Dearly and she also works in marketing at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

"Customers in Edmonton were kind of looking for something different," she explains.

"The thing that Simons offers... is the ability to buy a 30 dollar pair of jeans or a 300 dollar pair of jeans." 

Simons is a household name in Quebec, but has little brand recognition in Western Canada.

Marie Zydek who blogs on Marie a la mode, admits she'd never heard of Simons before the West Edmonton Mall tweeted the store would soon be opening.

But Zydek predicts shoppers in Edmonton will warm up quickly.

"The fashion industry is growing every year here," she says, "and we have the money to spend on clothes.

Listen to Janis and Marie tell Jeanette about how Albertans are receiving this iconic Quebec brand:  

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(Photo: West Edmonton Mall Facebook page)