Canada's Champions of Change


You voted and here are your 2010 Champions! Meet Bob Davisson and Bobby Hayes and see their stories!


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Volunteer Centre

Canada's volunteers speak out:

What motivates Canadians to give back? What do they want to get from the experience? What specific talents or skills can they offer to the community? Manulife partnered with Volunteer Canada, Carlton University Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development and Harris/Decima to find out. The result is Bridging the Gap - a landmark research report that provides the most current and in-depth information on the changing nature of Canada's volunteers with a focus on youth, families, employer-supported volunteers and boomers. To read the complete report, click here.

Ready to get involved? Here are some links to help you get there.


International Volunteer Programs Association
The International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA) is an association of non-governmental organizations that facilitate volunteer work and internship exchanges all over the world.

Volunteer Abroad
Based out of Kingston, Ontario, Volunteer Abroad will connect any wanderlust volunteer to organizations throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.

World Volunteer Web
World Volunteer Web helps connect you with the practical information you need and the programs that need you.

Explore Causecast and find a cause that's compelling to you.


Get Involved
Get Involved features all kinds of charitable and non-profit organizations making it easy to find volunteer activities in your area

Volunteer Canada
Volunteer Canada has contacts across Canada to help individuals and companies discover volunteering.



Volunteer Calgary
Volunteer Calgary has a mission to promote volunteerism and more vibrant community life.

Volunteer Edmonton
Volunteer Edmonton is all about strengthening communities in the city through volunteer work.

British Columbia

Volunteer BC
Volunteer BC is a provincial association of various volunteer centres and organizations.

Volunteer Burnaby
Volunteer Burnaby wants to help residents engage in voluntary action.

Volunteer Richmond Information Services
Volunteer Richmond encourages volunteer engagement and community action through a number of programs.

Volunteer Victoria
Volunteer Victoria connects you to a wide-range of volunteer organizations.


Volunteer Manitoba
Volunteer Manitoba helps Manitobans help each other throughout the province.

New Brunswick

Saint John Volunteer Centre
The Saint John Volunteer Centre has been a volunteer information clearinghouse since the 1970s.

The Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick
The Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick helps people in the Moncton region get involved.

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Voluntary and Non-Profit Secretariat (VNPS)
On this provincial website you can explore all kinds of ways to get involved. Recognize a volunteer on Who Cares? or learn about the work non-profits and volunteer organizations are doing in your region. It's up to you!

Community Sector Council
The CSC or Community Sector Council is a resource for volunteers in the province.

Northwest Territories

Volunteer NWT
Volunteer NWT is connected to volunteer organizations throughout the territory.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Volunteer Forum
The Nova Scotia Volunteer Forum is a web-based network that provides space for volunteers to connect with each other and find out about activities.


Recreation Guide 2010
The city of Iqaluit has a Recreation Guide that lists all local organizations that need volunteers.


Ontario Volunteer Centre Network
Ontario Volunteer Centre Network will help you find a volunteer centre in your community.

Volunteer Kingston
Volunteer Kingston has volunteer information for residents in Kingston and the counties of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington.

Volunteer Ottawa
Volunteer Ottawa works with volunteer organizations to make sure your time is put to good use.

Volunteer MBC
Created to foster and develop volunteerism in the Region of Peel, serving the cities of Mississauga and Brampton, and the Town of Caledon.

Volunteer Toronto
Volunteer Toronto has been promoting voluntary action and helping people find volunteer work for nearly 40 years.

Prince Edward Island

Relocate Canada
This Relocate Canada database will help you meet other volunteers and get involved in voluntary action in Charlottetown.


The Volunteer Action Centre of Quebec City
The Volunteer Action Centre of Quebec City develops and promotes volunteering in Quebec's capital.

The Volunteer Bureau of Montreal
Volunteer Bureau of Montreal offers an immense database of grassroots and larger-scale organizations in the greater Montreal area.


Volunteer Saskatoon
Volunteer Saskatoon is an initiative of the United Way in Saskatoon and lists all types of volunteer opportunities.


Volunteer Yukon
Volunteer Yukon is the place to go for training and resources to help you find an organization that fits who you are.