Canada's Champions of Change


You voted and here are your 2010 Champions! Meet Bob Davisson and Bobby Hayes and see their stories!


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The host of Canada's Champions of Change, Mark Kelley, is thrilled about the possibilities of the program for Season 2.

"We knew we wanted to celebrate the stories of volunteers who quietly and unselfishly help people in their communities and in other countries around the world" says Mark, "and we knew we wanted to inspire people to go out and volunteer themselves. But what we didn't know is that before Season 1 was over, people would already be asking about Season 2." "The key for us is to build on the success of last season, and continue grow the spirit of volunteerism in this country."

As host of Connect with Mark Kelley, the nightly news talk program on CBC News Network, Kelley has traveled across Canada to connect with Canadians and tap into their personal stories—which not only shape the news, but shape the way we see the news. Whether spending seven days as a teacher in a struggling B.C. school or living in a homeless shelter in Montreal, Kelley has always gone that extra step to relate the stories that matter to Canadians.

"When we started Champion, I said that volunteers represent the best of what we have to give—which is our time. But beyond that, we have been inspired by the creativity, the solutions people come up with, the approaches they take to overcome their obstacles. I'm really looking forward to seeing how people put both their heart and their head into helping with the new season".

Kelley has won four Gemini awards for his work with CBC News.