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Here's to our winners!

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Canadians have spoken, and chosen their Champions of Change. It was a tough choice, but what can you say about our winners, Bob Davisson and Bobby Hayes. They are doing so much great work for children- our future generations- which may have won them so much support.

Bob Davisson helps build and establish schools in Haiti. While his organization is small, he helps thousands of children attend school and eat a healthy lunch. His organization, Lifeline Haiti, travels to remote areas in Haiti to address two crippling problems- malnutrition and a lack of basic education. He is saving lives, and building a sense of hope for these kids...and their communities.

And Bobby Hayes. What a guy. He spends every waking hour dedicated to dozens of underprivileged children in Saint John. His organization The Joshua Group provides a hot meal and a place kids can call home, where they feel loved and cherished. And where they can feel like kids again- embracing joy in the little things of life that without Bobby, they wouldn't have.

Congratulations to both Bob and Bobby! You are both so deserving.

To our remaining eight Finalists, we cannot say enough how honoured we all were to meet each and every one of you: Gladys Radek, Jorge de Guzman, Lindsay Willms, Chris Opio, Jeff Schnurr, Victor Fernandez, Welde Yemane, and Eliza Olson. You are all Champions.

You all were so generous to share with us your stories and we are all inspired by your commitment. I know you have all made new friendships to support your work moving forward...the unofficial name you came up with, "The Power 10" is truly fitting. The power is in your hands...and your hearts.

To our viewers who voted and watched Champions of Change, we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for sharing this terrific experience with us.

Until next time,
Mark Kelley

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