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Happy New Year!

Posted by: Mark Kelley

markkelley.jpgIt's a really exciting time for us here at Champions. We are still counting the votes; polls are open until January 10, 2011 and you have up to 10 votes to cast. And we just want to remind people who may be new to Champions how they can catch up on our show- our nominees- and join us for the grand finale.

Our team here has put together a half-hour program that covers everything you need to know about the Top 10 finalists and the judges who selected them. We are airing this inside look at who our top 10 are, and how get got there, on January 1 and January 2, 2011 on CBC News Network. See below for the schedule:

Saturday January 1, 2011

5:30pm ET

8:30pm ET

Sunday January 2, 2011

12:30am ET

2:30am ET

06:30am ET

On January 16, 2011 we broadcast the Champions of Change Finale. Special guests will be joining us here at CBC when we meet the Top 10, in person, and announce the winners. Remember, your votes will decide who our top volunteer working in Canada is, as well as our top Canadian volunteering abroad. And, there's plenty at stake- $25,000 goes to each of our winners to donate to their cause. Should be a lot of fun. Stay tuned Sunday, January 16 to CBCNN at 9:30pm ET or your local CBC Television station at 10:30pm.

Happy New Year from all of us. May you be inspired to be your own champion in 2011.

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