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Drum roll please...

Posted by: Mark Kelley

markkelley.jpgThe votes are in. And while I can't announce the winners yet, I am proud to say our final vote count was 115,427. I'm over the moon with the fact so many of you took the time to vote, and show your support for our Champions of Change.

All along, we have hoped the Champs project would do two things: pay tribute to all those volunteers in Canada, and Canadians working around the world, who do so much, and ask so little in return. But we also hoped it would inspire you to get involved in a charity, a cause, a group to help make a difference in your own community. Maybe our Champions will also give you a moment of pause to think about what category (or kind of volunteer work) matters to you, personally. And hey, if you find one category really compelling--why not volunteer with a group who does work in that field? We have a virtual list volunteer resource centres here.

Find out the final two winners during our Finale: January 16, 2011 on CBC News Network at 9:30pm and CBC Television at 10:30 local time.

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