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Posted by: Brett Wilson

Brett-W.jpgIt's not often that I get emotional listening to people just share a few minutes of their journey - but this week - two in a row got to me - big time. Lots of leaking.

First, I phoned Bobby Hayes in SJ, NB Monday evening and a young girl answered.  I asked for Bobby. She very brightly - and politely - responded with he's loading kids on the bus, can you wait for just a moment?  Sure enough I had found him doing what he loves: helping, saving and changing the lives of children in his chosen 'hood. 

He was delighted that I had called to share how proud I was to be his advocate on Mark Kelley's show that night and how happy he was with his life.  Here is someone walking the walk, living proof that the world is a better place when we try to make it better. Bobby has a full time job, but seems to find a way to overlay a full time job as a surrogate father - available 24/7 - to the youth of SJ who so desperately need a father figure in their life.  For the last few years, Bobby has been working with his kids out of a local church - a church he has just lost when it was sold - his optimism that he will find another, tells you what an amazing man he is.  I am rather proud to know Bobby just a little better now.

My second call on Monday was to connect with Bob Davisson - a man with a huge heart - and a gift for changing the world for tens of thousands of young Haitian children.  We shared stories of growing up; he shared the moving story of finding his birth father and connecting with that man and his family, a story made so powerful when you understand that his birth mother was raped as a teenager by his father and she chose to carry Bob into this world.  True courage to seek out that man - to forgive him - and embrace him.  Bob has gone on to considerable success in the work world: first as a police officer then as a franchisee for MacDonalds.  He grew up in small towns that I know well in central Saskatchewan but found his calling in "retirement," in the last decade in rural Haiti.  Bob is responsible for more than 50 schools being built and staffed in Haiti. Only one of his buildings was "hurt" badly during the earthquake.  Bob is also helping Haitians learn to build their own businesses from water trucks to gravel trucks and onward he is creating sustainable change by empowering locals; spreading hope where hope is scarce.

I encourage you to review all of the wonderful Champions shortlisted here and if you are moved as I am to then vote for Bobby and Bob (you have 10 votes to allocate - you can give 5 to each - or 10 to one).

Thank you for reading, by that act alone I understand you care.  And that makes our world just a little better.  Doesn't it?


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