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Judge: Tonika Morgan

Tonika Morgan

Former Project Director

Women Moving Forward

Toronto, Ontario

Tonika Morgan is an innovative change-maker from Toronto. Driven by her personal encounters with homelessness, Tonika has transformed her life to empower the lives of others through her day-to-day work and her volunteer activities.

In 2005, Tonika was hired to refine and implement Women Moving Forward, an initiative designed to break the cycle of poverty in low-income families. Until 2009, Tonika helped more than 75 young, single mothers in the notorious Jane and Finch community move from welfare to college and university in one year. The experience has since pushed Tonika to increase her efforts in challenging systems that create barriers for low-income Canadians.

She was recognized by Flare Magazine as the Volunteer of the Year in 2005 for committing more than 1 000 hours of service to empowering women and addressing the issue of youth poverty and homelessness. She was also recognized by the YWCA of Toronto as a Young Woman of Distinction for her work supporting marginalized people. Later that year, she was asked to represent Canada in a global relay for the Women's Global Charter of Rights, where she met women and government representatives across Canada to discuss the issues affecting women of today.

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