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Short Track Speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating  
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500 metre individual

1,000 metre individual

1,500 metre individual

3,000 metre relay

5,000 metre relay

What's this sport all about:

Short track speed skating became an official Olympic event at the Albertville 1992 Olympic Winter Games.

The blades on a short track speed skating skate aren't right in the middle — they're off centre, placed to the left, so that the boot doesn't touch the ice when the skaters lean in on the curves.

When skaters pass each other, they can't touch or they can be disqualified.

In short distance races (500m and 1,000m), you'll usually see four athletes race against each other, while races of 1,500m or longer will usually have six to eight athletes racing.

Short track speed skating is Canada's second-most successful sport — we've won 28 medals so far! Our most successful sport is speed skating (which is actually a different sport!).

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Things to watch for

Photo by Idrettsforbundet / CC BY-NC

False start: Sometimes a skater will leap out of the starting area before the starting shot is fired. This is a false start, and if the skater does it again, they get disqualified from the race.

Photo by Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games on / CC BY-NC

Feeling blue: Many skaters believe that the colour blue is faster than other colours, so you might see more skaters wearing blue suits instead of the usual red.

Photo by Thierry Florac on Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

Gloves: You'll see the skaters put their hands on the ice on turns to maintain their balance. They have special gloves with hard fingertips to help their fingers glide during their turns.

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