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It’s a scavenger hunt and math quiz in one!


Math is a fascinating subject that you can actually use in many places in your everyday life. There are also a lot of ways to just have fun with math, like looking at the numbers that are involved with sporting activities and using them to perform mathematical operations. A good way to research numbers involved in the Winter Olympics is by doing this type of fun math. We've put together a fun math quiz you can do with your family, friends or classroom using the sports facts found all over our Olympics website. It's sort of a math quiz scavenger hunt! 

It's easy to do:

  • Click on this link or the graphic below to download and print the math quiz scavenger hunt. You'll need it to figure out where to look on the website for your numbers.
  • Use the clues on the sheet to find the numbers you need from our Sport Pages (hint: they're the first menu item).
  • Once you have the numbers, do the math to get your answers. Question four is a toughie!
  • Check your answers at the bottom. Don't cheat! Try the questions first before you look.
  • Have fun!


click on this image to download the scavenger hunt