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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey  
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What's this sport all about:

Ice hockey originated in Canada in the 19th Century.

The hockey puck didn't come about until the late 1800s — until then the sport was played with a ball!

Even though there are 20 players and two goalies on the team, only six total players are on the ice during a game — three forwards, two defencemen and a goalie.

Unlike in an NHL game, Olympics hockey games cannot end in a tie. Games go on to a 4-on-4 overtime period or a shoot-out to determine the winner.

Canada ranks #1 in medals in ice hockey with 20 total as of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi!

The Canadian women's team has never missed the medal podium since they started competing at the Winter Olympics in 1998!

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Things to watch for

​Photo by mark6mauno on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

Fighting: If hockey players get into a fight in the NHL, they get a penalty. But if you see players get into a fight at the Olympics, they will get thrown out of the game!

​Photo by clydeorama on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

Penalty shots: Unlike in the NHL, in an Olympic hockey game, a player who is the victim of a foul doesn't have to make the penalty shot — any player on the team can make the shot.

​Photo by s.yume on VisualHunt / CC BY

C & A jerseys: Players with a "C" on their jerseys are the team captain, and with an "A" are alternate captains. They're the only people authorized to talk to referees about rule interpretations during a game.

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