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Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle Skiing  
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Ski Cross

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Ski Slopestyle

What's this sport all about:

Before it was an Olympic sport, freestyle skiing used to be affectionately known as "hotdogging" thanks to its exciting combination of acrobatic tricks, jumps and speed.

Freestyle ski slopestyle involves obstacles like rails, tables and jumps.

Halfpipe moves include the double cork (short for corkscrew), the McTwist (a titled front flip with a one-and-a-half spin) and the Flair (a back flip with a half twist).

Aerial moves in moguls have names like the Cossack, the Daffy, the Helicopter, the Backscratcher, the Mule Kick, the Zudnick and the Iron Cross.

Out of Canada's 18 medals in freestyle skiing at the Olympics, nine of those were won in Sochi in 2014 — the most by any country.

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Things to watch for

Miyabi Onitsuka of Japan competes during the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships 2017, Spain. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Cannon rail: There are a lot of rails that skiers can slide on in the slopestyle competition, but this type of rail ends in jump at an upward angle so the skier has more air time than usual.

Peter Speight of Great Britain competes in Men's Ski Halfpipe in Copper Mountain, Colorado, 2017. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Twin-tip: You'll see special skis with both ends slightly bent up (known as twin-tips) so that skiers can ski both forwards and backwards when competing in halfpipe and slopestyle.

Jean Frederic Chapuis of France takes 3rd place in Men's and Women's Ski Cross in Montafon, Austria. (Photo by Laurent Salino/Agence Zoom/Getty Images)

Rollers: Ski cross is very much like going down a snowy motocross track, and the skiers have to stay on the ground when going across jumps, baked turns and rollers — terrain made up of rounded, wavy snow.

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