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What's this sport all about:

Many believe that curling is named after the way the stones "curl" on the ice.

Curling is nicknamed "the roaring game" because of the sound the stones make on the ice.

If you're all about strategy, then try out for the skip of the team — they need to figure out the best throws and know how to communicate with their team to win the game.

Curling ice isn't smooth — ice makers spray water droplets on it to form pebbles when they freeze. This helps the stones curl after they're thrown.

There are several differences between standard and mixed doubles curling: standard teams are four players throwing 16 stones for 10 ends while doubles teams are two players throwing 5 stones for eight ends.

Canada has won a medal in curling at every Winter Olympics except for the very first one.

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Things to watch for

Photo by Wyoming_Jackrabbit on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Burned stone: If a stone that's in motion is touched by an athlete on either team, either with their body or with their equipment, it's called a burned stone and it's removed from play.

Photo by Wyoming_Jackrabbit on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Hurry hard: You'll hear this yelled out to the sweepers by the skip to begin sweeping the ice in front of the stone so that it will curl less and travel farther.

Photo by amlibrarian licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Skip strategy: You might see the skip putting their broom down and using hand and voice signals at the other end of the ice. They're telling their teammate where they want the stone to end up and how much force and curl to put into the throw.

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