Why Felicia Hogan put her craniopagus twins on CBC

It's to make sure my kids don't grow up in a world where looking different is wrong. Judith Pyke, Director, Inseparable

Pregnancy is a crap shoot and most of us eventually realize that parenting involves a deep dive into the great unknown. But this is true times one hundred when your child has exceptional and difficult health issues — as is the case for Tatiana and Krista Hogan in Inseparable: Ten Years Joined at the Head.

During one of our many conversations, Felicia Hogan said: “I don’t think anybody’s really going to understand a mother’s feelings when they find out that the children they’re carrying may not ever survive. I think that’s a very unique feeling and it’s really hard to explain the emotional rollercoaster you go through.” Ironically, despite knowing that she was carrying craniopagus twins, Felicia still had a feeling that everything would be ok.

In the years since, Tatiana and Krista Hogan have blossomed as lovely girls. And while filming Inseparable, they hit a landmark — their 10th birthday. The twins are exceptional children who are just a pleasure to be around. I am constantly amazed by how social and loving Tatiana is and how funny Krista is, always ready with a one-liner. But things aren’t always easy.

Their health is constantly up and down so it’s no wonder the family’s modus operandi is “one day at a time.” But they are also driven by a desire to support their children and for people outside of their extended family to understand the girls, and for a general acceptance of difference. Felicia Hogan expresses herself beautifully in this clip about why she decided to do the documentary. Take a look.