Caregiver Makes DIY Adaptive Clothing For Her Husband With Dementia

Adaptive clothing is expensive, so this caregiver found homemade solutions to make taking care of her husband easier.

Karen Gillespie, feature in CBC documentary The Caregivers' Club,  has taken care of her husband Jack,  who has dementia, for almost a decade.  Sometimes, it’s small things, like showering or getting in and out of clothes, that are the most challenging tasks.

She purchased an adaptive short sleeve shirt and pants from a home health store to make dressing easier. “Adaptive clothing and other speciality items are very expensive and out of the reach of a lot of people.  And plenty of clothes are required for frequent changing,” so Karen looked for other solutions.

“I have discovered that being a caregiver, I have to be resourceful.” Karen came up with a few simple solutions to make it easier for herself and the personal support workers who assist her in taking care of her husband.

“A sewing machine, Velcro and snaps have made a tremendous difference in our lives,” says Karen, “I wish I had made adaptive clothing a lot earlier.”

Watch the video to see more.

Note: Jack, featured in the film passed away November 13, 2019 He was well loved and lucky to have Karen.