Article Calgary man hopes for a better future after his own violent arrest ‘There’s change coming for sure. It’s about time,’ he says More »
Video “It is a new chapter.” A Toronto millenial finds a home at C3 Church Jan is a member of the C3 church in Toronto who is about to be baptized. More »
Article Ruckus over rice: A thorny issue that has Indigenous activists facing off with local cottagers and residents There are two sides to every story, including the planting of wild rice on a lake in Ontario’s cottage country. More »
Point of View A hipster evangelical church is taking Toronto by storm Millennials are finding community and purpose at C3, joining thousands of members worldwide. But critics question its messaging and methods. More »
interview Police should be rewarded for community trust, not arrests, says expert New incentives and better training are needed to change relationships with racialized communities More »
Photos ‘Something tells me this is where I belong.” Seven Toronto millennials who found religion through C3 Church This ‘hipster’ church is attracting thousands of young, urbanties from all over the world. More »
Point of View ‘Cottagers & Indians’: The battle over water rights near my reserve Whether it’s the Oka Crisis or pipeline disputes out West, disagreements over land and water frequently become arguments and can even end in violence. More »
Article Troubled waters: Disputes over lakes, waterfronts have roared between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians From screaming matches to business opportunities, the outcome of negotiations have varied greatly. More »
Go to the Web Exclusive Seniors find downsizing brings new beginnings, but not without tears Downsizing is different from decluttering, says expert. “It’s not about the item. It’s about the event.” More »
Go to the Web Exclusive Fitness trackers can reveal intimate details about your personal life This data may be used by health insurance companies to decide how much your premiums cost More »
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