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Sickboy is a television documentary that follows 29-year-old yoga instructor Jeremie Saunders as he lives openly with Cystic Fibrosis and looks for ways to remove the stigma attached to chronic illness and disease. 

Jeremie has grown up in Halifax dealing with CF, with a daily routine that involves using an atomizer, and taking dozens of prescription pills.  But he keeps a positive outlook and chooses to openly talk about his disease and its challenges.  He was diagnosed as a baby.  His parents were told he would not see his 25th birthday.  He married his wife, Bryde, both knowing that the disease has left him sterile.

SCENE FROM THE FILM: "Laughing about disease really takes away its power."

The film traces the efforts by him and his two closest friends, Brian Stever and Taylor MacGillivray, to create SICKBOY, an irreverent internet radio podcast aimed at changing the way people view serious illness like cancer, depression, and epilepsy.  Jeremie believes that laughing about the absurdity of his own disease ‘takes away its power’.  Driven by the fact that he came from a family that ‘never really talked’ about it, Jeremie becomes consumed by his attempts to change the conversation around serious illness.  ‘I’m never going to have a kid.  THIS is my kid.’   

The documentary shows how a podcast that started as a joke among friends begins to have a transformative effect on its many listeners far and wide, and even on the podcasters themselves.

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written and directed by 
Andrew MacCormack

produced by
Rick LeGuerrier
Timothy M. Hogan

Peter Giffen

director of photography
Paul McCurdy
Andrew MacCormack

original music composed by
Asif Illyas
Shehab Illyas

re-recording mixer
Paul Goguen

location sound
Corey Sewell
Zander Rosborough

sound design
Justin Gaudreault

motion graphic design
Chris Purcel

Rebecca MacInnes

Marc Savoie

post production coordinator
Maari Singfield
Hillary West

additional camera
Dave Culligan
Kevin Fraser

visual research
Alex LeGuerrier

production manager
Andrew Barnes

production accountant
Krista Keirstead

production secretary
Krista Keirstead

Wendy Phillips

social media
Alex LeGuerrier

legal services
Rob Aske

Royal Bank of Canada

Prime Insurance Inc

archival material
A For Adventure
Saunders family
Jenna McMillan
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thanks to
The Amyotte Family
Candace Reid
Craig Moore
Halifax Infirmary
Halifax Central Library
Moksha Yoga Halifax

for the cbc

general manager, programming
Sally Catto

executive director, unscripted content
Jennifer Dettman

senior director, documentary
Sandra Kleinfeld

director of production, unscripted content
Alexandra Lane

executive in charge of production
Charlotte Engel

director of finance, unscripted content
Julie Lawlor

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